Data Centre

Data centres are improving the way organizations work. From visualization to converged infrastructures, we’re taking a look at how they are decreasing workloads, pooling resources and expanding data and storage capabilities.

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Disaster Recovery: A Comprehensive Disaster Recovery Plan to Quickly Restore Your Systems and Data

Businesses need to ensure high availability of their operations in the event of unplanned downtime such as a system failure, security breach, human error or natural disaster....
Power and Cooling

What Are The Elements of a Holistic Power and Cooling Solution?

Designing a modular, energy‑efficient power and cooling system reduces costs and limits downtime. In a dense server environment, placing your data centre’s cooling mechanisms near equipment generating...

3 Stumbling Blocks to Hyperconverged Infrastructure Success, and How to Get Around Them

Gone are the days where IT managers show interest in the traditional stack for most of their workloads. After all, when you walk into a data center...

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