Designed For The Software-Defined Infrastructure Age

Lenovo server systems are designed to host server and storage virtualization as well as support the most demanding workloads. Lenovo’s open business model complements this open software approach with support for businesses that want to explore all manner of innovation that might benefit them and their customers.

Upgrading to new Lenovo server systems can help improve staff efficiency because they work with existing industry standards for system and data centre management tools. This means they are easy to install and deploy, making them good “team players” in any business’s data centre. Lenovo recognizes operational efficiency is one of the top customer requirements and its new server systems are designed to deliver on that goal.

Provide Superior Energy And Space-Saving Efficiency

Did you know that servers that are more than 4 years old deliver only 4% of the performance of today’s best servers while using 35% more energy? The current lineup of Lenovo server systems, on the other hand, run exceptionally quiet, cool, and efficient. These servers are able to support increased workload capacity using Spread Core cooling, which increases cooling efficiency by 20%. Plus, due to the new Intel® Xeon® processors, they pack so much processing power into such a small amount of space that you can actually deploy up to 40% more servers per rack.

Support For Standards And Common Management Tools

ThinkServer uses industry standard management technology such as IPMI, DCMI, SMASH-CLP, WS-MAN so that they fit right in to your existing system management environment. Using these standards provides comprehensive monitoring and alerts through IPMI Traps, SNMP Traps, SMTP, CIM, and SEL.

Simplifying and improving IT operations provides many benefits, including cost savings, flexibility, and shorter deployment times, and ThinkServers with EasyStartup and EasyUpdate make this possible.

Higher Reliability And Performance

Lenovo tests ThinkServer to higher humidity and temperature tolerances than many competitors and uses components with a longer lifecycle. It all means less unplanned downtime for your organization.

Lenovo has designed the drive carriers in ThinkServer to reduce vibration transmitted to the drive to increase disk drive reliability protect customers from data loss.


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