Software Asset Management Solutions and CDW

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Sometimes just knowing what’s actually on your network can be a big challenge. With CDW Software Asset Manager you can conduct a comprehensive audit to capture a complete inventory of every software application running on every hardware device on your network.

The CDW Software Asset Manager takes your asset inventory information to the next level by providing you with license reconciliation, so you can compare what you have installed in your environment to that to which your purchases entitle you.

CDW Software Asset Manager is available for purchase as an add-on module to our FREE software license management tool, CDW Software License Manager.

What Are the Benefits of CDW Software Asset Manager?

CDW Software Asset Manager can provide your organization:

    • 100% Visibility – CDW Software Asset Manager will find all IP-addressable hardware including all servers, desktop, laptops, network printers, switches and devices. A baseline audit provides a full hardware and software inventory along with physical location mapping of the assets.
    • Remote Auditing – All IT assets can be monitored anywhere in the organization, whether they’re on-site or remotely connected to the network.
    • Multi-Platform Tracking – Enterprise platforms supported include: Microsoft Windows, Linux, Unix, Apple OSX and AIX, Windows Mobile smartphones and PDAs.
    • Accurate IT Planning and Budgeting – With up-to-date inventory records, department migrations and other complex IT projects can be scoped with greater accuracy, planned more completely and executed successfully.
  • Avoid Risks – Establish and maintain software license compliance by ensuring that software usage does not exceed licenses held. Prove compliance with fast and accurate reports.

How CDW Can Help You with Software Asset Management

With CDW Software Asset Manager reporting, our software licensing specialists can help you reconcile your software license inventory with your software agreements to ensure compliance. Our specialists can review your current software agreements to determine if you can save money by consolidating agreements or achieve a more cost-effective pricing tier based on your current number of licenses.

CDW has solid partnerships with all top software publishers, making us the right experts to help you manage your software licensing.

Getting Started with CDW Software Asset Manager

  • To learn about CDW Software Asset Manager, browse CDW Software Asset Manager FAQs or contact your account manager or software licensing specialist today.