Introducing Devo Technology and its Managed SIEM Solution


On January 24, 2022, CDW announced our exciting new partnership with Devo Technology. Devo is the first cloud-native, next-gen Security Information Event Management (SIEM) software solution that combines full visibility, an analyst-focused workflow and enriched investigations in a single solution.

What is Managed SIEM and what can it do for your business?

Before we delve into this critical IT tool, it is important to distinguish the difference between SIEM and Managed SIEM. Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) is a cybersecurity tool; it is used to identify and address potential security breaches in an IT network. SIEM tools function by collecting data from all resources on an IT network as event logs. These event logs are then consolidated, and the information is presented on a singular interface for a cybersecurity specialist to analyze and identify any potential cyberthreats. SIEM is typically hosted on a business’ IT network. The business is thus responsible for its operation.

Managed SIEM forgoes the need for on-premises deployment and operation. A third-party team sets up, operates and maintains the tool on their network. Not only does this free up time and resources for training and maintenance, but the third-party team has the specific expertise on-hand to review the data swiftly and accurately. This, in turn, increases a business’ cybersecurity posture by outsourcing to specialists. Managed SIEM as a service is designed to identify security threats and manage the risk by providing organizations with an enterprise-wide view of security across their environment.

One of the benefits of Managed SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) is that it eliminates the need for on-premises deployment and operation. A third-party team sets up, operates and maintains the tool on their network.

There are additional business advantages to Managed SIEM. The first is cost reduction. Even though a business might take their cybersecurity enforcement seriously, they might not have the time or money to set up SIEM tools.

The second advantage of Managed SIEM is access to external expertise. Strengthening a business’ cybersecurity posture requires a level of knowledge that many businesses do not have the capacity to manage. Partnering with experts that can help your organization keep your IT environment safe and secure is key, and CDW is here to help. 

What makes Devo a unique solution

Devo empowers security teams to protect their organizations by closing the visibility gap, offering protection against advanced cyber-threats with quick detection and investigation, enabling analysts to be more effective.

Some of Devo’s key features include:

  • Content Stream
  • Cost Optimization
  • Data Isolation
  • Real-time Detections
  • Automated Enrichments
  • ML-Powered Analytics
  • Integrated Forensics Analysis
  • Analyst Centered Workflow
  • Dynamic Visual Analysis
  • Threat Hunting Module

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