Understanding Media & Entertainment


Traditionally, when people think of Media and Entertainment (M&E), they think of film, television, and video games. In reality, the industry also expands to broadcasters, interactive experiences, live events, audio engineering, and various mediums of publishing. Due to the industry’s broad and complex nature, it is vital for consumers to be provided with the appropriate products that will help support their heavy workloads and demands consistently and effectively over time.

Relationships are important across all markets, but for Media and Entertainment (M&E) customers, they are one of the essential drivers in purchasing decisions – especially when it comes to workstations. M&E companies want to purchase from people they like and trust, who make the sales process as easy as possible.

CDW Canada & Lenovo understand how important such relationships are across all markets by having their customers in mind through investigating and supporting the latest technology trends, offering in-house experts for configuration and application guidance, and most importantly, providing the appropriate solutions.

Lenovo Workstations: The Solution

No matter the work, M&E artists require workstations that can run complex software to handle primary production tasks like game development, film and television, education, and more. CDW Canada’s offerings of Lenovo’s portfolio of tower ThinkStation and mobile ThinkPad P Series workstations are made to fulfill increasing project complexity with the latest and more powerful Intel CPUs and NVIDIA GPU offerings.

Why to consider Lenovo Workstations

Lenovo’s ThinkStation desktop workstations, with the latest generation of Intel Xeon processors, powerful NVIDIA Quadro RTX professional graphics, and ISV certifications, provide artists with modular, scalable, and flexible solutions that offer superior performance to handle any M&E task.

For those looking to maximize their creative output on the go, Lenovo’s ThinkPad P-series workstations provide the processing power and versatility to ensure that it will more than meet the demands of your business.

For more information contact your CDW Canada Account Manager or visit CDW.ca/lenovo.