How Hybrid Cloud Can Help Support Hybrid Work


In a post-pandemic world, cloud services are front-of-mind for many execs and will become an integral part of every business’s technology roadmap.

In early 2020, when the pandemic first hit, many companies struggled to pivot quickly enough to meet the needs of this “new norm.”

Desktop computers were taken out of the office to employees’ homes, ad hoc VPNs were set up and we all did the best we could with what we had.

Many execs agonize over going all-in on the cloud or maintaining the status quo with traditional on-premise data centres, but there is another option. 

The augmentation of cloud services and traditional on-premise solutions, known as hybrid cloud, allows businesses to have the best of both worlds.

Unlock the full potential of your team with Microsoft 365

A hybrid model allows you to unlock the full potential of your team by providing the latest productivity tools such as Microsoft 365, allowing your team to securely collaborate in ways never before possible within a single, highly available platform that can be used on any device with nothing more than a simple web browser.

Microsoft 365 can also integrate seamlessly with your existing on-premise data centre as well as with services within Azure.

By using the power of Microsoft 365 with tools like Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), you can create a seamless and secure single sign-on experience for your organization to freely go between local on-premise services and the cloud.

Microsoft takes this one step further with the introduction of Windows 365. Microsoft’s newest cloud-based computing platform allows you to have your desktops in the cloud and access them from anywhere on any device.

And as you would expect from Microsoft, they can seamlessly link into your on-premises resources as if they were on site.

Ensure compliance with Microsoft Intune

To tie everything together securely, Microsoft Intune provides remote management capabilities to your IT team that allow them to ensure that your environment is secure, and devices are in compliance. 

This level of agility provides organizations with the ability to pivot at a moment’s notice.

Moreover, it unlocks the power to not only work from anywhere, but hire new staff from anywhere. Remote staff can use the same secure resources as your local staff and have the same high level of security as your local staff for hybrid work.

Knowing how to architect, implement and manage your investment over its life cycle is critical. CDW’s field-based professional services team has extensive experience in assessing, designing, deploying and managing our customers’ Microsoft environments. Whether you are looking to move one small workload to Azure or your entire data centre, CDW’s professional services team is there to ensure your projects are a success.

To learn more about CDW and Microsoft’s hybrid work solutions, check out our latest e-book.