Understanding and Addressing Small Business IT Needs

Small business IT needs

Small businesses are the backbone of the Canadian economy. This resilient group of people adapted their business’ during the COVID-19 pandemic leading with agility, adaptability and grit while demonstrating their determination to thrive. In recognition of Small Business Month, we released our  proprietary small business study compiled by Angus Reid, that took the pulse of small business owners during the pandemic.

The survey indicated many small businesses invested in themselves; spending money on IT solutions ultimately helped them keep the proverbial “doors open.” The survey data is remarkable and is a testament to small business owners’ entrepreneurial spirit; however, small businesses must learn from past challenges to set themselves up for success in the future – one of exciting growth.

Now more than ever, it is crucial for small business owners to explore cost-efficient IT investments and  talk to an IT partner committed to helping  small business grow. Furthermore, a trusted IT partner can address and tailor solutions for small business owners.

According to our study, 38% of respondents cited cost/cash flow concerns were top-of-mind for small business owners, while 16% said they did not know what was needed and 9% responded that they simply did not know where to start.

According to our study, three areas small businesses should consider investing in include: Hybrid Cloud, Application Modernization Tools and Zero-Trust Architecture:

1. Hybrid Cloud

With hybrid and remote work models here to stay, employing the hybrid cloud is essential for small businesses. Hybrid cloud technologies are the most effective way for organizations to take advantage of the value of the public cloud while maintaining support for services that are not yet ready for the cloud. In addition, having a hybrid cloud strategy enables small businesses to leverage existing infrastructure and quickly scale resources for added flexibility.

2. Application Modernization Tools

Ensuring all applications are up to date and modernized is key to meeting the evolving needs of small businesses. Our study showed:

  • 10% of small businesses struggled with optimizing cybersecurity
  • 9% percent struggled with optimizing existing cloud security

Using application modernization tools is one of the most effective ways to ensure data remains secure and that cybersecurity and cloud challenges are proactively addressed. Further, modernizing applications with containers, micro-innovation and cloud-native services allows small businesses to work faster and more efficiently.  

3. Zero-Trust Architecture

Zero-trust architecture is a security solution that requires users and devices to prove their identities and trustworthiness before accessing an organization’s network. The tool works to protect an organization’s workforce, workloads and workplace, which is why businesses that implement zero-trust architecture experience fewer data breaches. However, with many small business owners and employees working remotely, companies are at risk as they are exposed to new environments, networks, etc.  

At CDW, we understand small businesses. We have a dedicated team of experts ready to help analyze your needs and create customized IT solutions and services. If you are interested in learning more, please visit cdw.ca/smallbusiness.