Implementing Storage Management and Virtualization Solutions

Storage Management and Virtualization

What Is Storage Management And Virtualization?

Explosive data growth is an inevitable reality of today’s operations. Organizations have seen their data storage needs expand dramatically each year in part due to email proliferation and our reluctance to permanently delete anything.

Effective data storage management solutions can transform your IT environment by providing flexibility and systematically standardizing and simplifying your data storage systems. Integrating archiving into your data storage solution lets you define data retention policies for various data and users. Such policies ensure the proper storage of data and deletion when no longer needed. Data archiving enables users to perform advanced searches.

How Will Storage Management And Virtualization Solutions Benefit My Organization?

Data storage management and storage virtualization can help you to:

  • Improve efficiencies by reducing administrative overhead and freeing up IT resources
  • Provide a central data storage management system
  • Reduce data storage maintenance needs and expenses
  • Achieve greater scalability for future growth and flexibility

How Can I Help My Organization Embrace Storage Management And Virtualization Solutions?

When evaluating data storage solutions, it’s important to ask the following questions:

  • How much of the existing budget is dedicated to deploying and maintaining primary vs. secondary data storage systems?
  • How will that change after your new data storage management system is in place?
  • Where will my data reside and how predictable will it be to track growth?
  • How will my compliance posture change as a result of my new data storage solution?
  • How dispersed is my existing data storage environment?

Getting Started With Storage Management And Virtualization

Your CDW Canada Account Manager and certified Solution Architects are ready to assist you with every phase of choosing and leveraging the right solution for your IT environment. Our approach includes:

  • An initial discovery session to understand your goals, requirements, and budget
  • An assessment review of your existing environment and definition of project requirements
  • Detailed vendor evaluations, recommendations, future design, and proof of concept
  • Procurement, configuration, and deployment of the final solution
  • Ongoing product lifecycle support

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