CDW understands how to fully optimize data centre and enterprise networks.  We have the expertise to help you optimize and improve the performance, security and resiliency of your network so your workforce stays productive. Mission critical applications like VoIP phone systems and video conferencing from the unified communications portfolio require reliable network performance.

Wired Networks

Routers and switches are the fundamental components of a smooth-running network. IT organizations need a routing and switching foundation to serve as the backbone for both wired and wireless networks. The backbone should be highly available, redundant and efficient in order for your employees to be productive. CDW can help assess, design and implement a highly effective network for your organization. CDW partners with industry leaders so you can get everything you need to build and manage a tailored wired networking solution. With our technology expertise driving the orchestration of routers, switches, our management services and intuitive operating systems, we’ll turn a congested network into an optimized one. Plus, we’ll ensure you get the security, resiliency, performance and productivity you need.

Wireless Access

Breathe new life into your wireless network. Wireless networking is an access method that is quickly becoming a requirement rather than a nice-to-have.  It enables enterprise-wide access to an organization’s resources in a secure manner. Wireless infrastructure allows users to take the office with them whenever and wherever they go. CDW partners with  industry leaders to bring you innovative wireless solutions. With our deep expertise and a team of experienced wireless experts, we can help you build a faster, reliable and more secure network for your organization.

Next – Gen Networking

Meet future demands with a forward-thinking approach to infrastructure. Networks are growing faster than ever before and are becoming more complex.  Digital transformation is forcing organizations to take a hard look at how they can innovate and stay ahead of their competition.  Next-generation networking models can help.  For instance, connecting the unconnected with the internet of things and software-defined networking can help you make quicker networking decisions based on what the data reveals. Keeping pace with technology is critical for survival in today’s complex and fast-moving world. Organizations transitioning to next-generation networks must surmount a series of obstacles before they can begin reaping the technology’s benefits. CDW solution architects offer industry certification and experience in assessing, designing custom IoT and SDN deployments, while advanced technology engineers can assist with implementation and long-term management solutions.

We’ll Assess It

We’ll perform assessments and health checks on your network, lead strategy briefings and design customized solution road maps.

We’ll Design It

We’ll work with you on strategy development and the architectural design of your networking systems.  Then we’ll provide proof of concepts and deployment planning.

We’ll Deploy It

We ensure a smooth implementation through pilot and production by offering aggregation services, pre-ship configuring and admin and end-user training.

We’ll Manage It

We can monitor your networks performance, assist with cloud migrations, and provide managed services for a public cloud.

Call 1.800.972.3922 to set up a consultation with a networking expert.


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