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Eaton provides mission-critical data centre solutions, including backup power protection and power distribution equipment that ensure a steady flow of high-quality power. These solutions offer higher availability and reliability toaccommodate lower power and coolingredundancy for less downtime. Ourexpertise and technology have led tothe development of industry-leadingsolutions that make the most efficientuse of your resources – electricity, water,people, process, space and capital.And our troubleshooting, diagnosticsand services help you solve even thetoughest power management challenges.

A More Flexible Data Centre Design

Our experts help extend the life ofyour existing data centre or designnew ones with solutions that scale asneeded. Modularity, flexibility andproportionality help you manage anadaptive IT business system.Our data center designs are responsiveto change – including virtualizationsolutions, rationalization of datainfrastructure and integration of themanagement of IT and data centre operations – for the best return onassets. With Eaton, you can relyon product compatibility with keyapplications from leading IT innovatorsincluding VMware, Red Hat andMicrosoft, among others, to adapt yourdata center design to accommodatefuture IT technologies.


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