Securing the enterprise against malicious actors requires multiple components in today’s threat landscape. This is commonly labeled as “defence in depth” and describes how layering defence capabilities are important in protecting the environment. There are many layers that contribute to a wide coverage for defending against attacks. Let’s look at the network and the host.

How to set up defence in depth

The network portion is generally the first line of defence when protecting an environment. Platforms like NGFW, UBA and WAF all serve a purpose, but in some cases, can be evaded through various means.  Encryption and obfuscation are some examples of how network protections can be bypassed, which leads to the potential for the host to be compromised.

This drives the requirement to harden and deploy security technologies on the host in the event one of these controls is evaded. One of the most crucial components for your endpoints should be an anti-malware/anti-exploit solution. This is the bare minimum for defending against the many threats your organization faces every day. Like most targeted campaigns, the attacks are often complex and so is managing the security of your endpoints. That’s why we recommend outsourcing your zero-day endpoint protection.

Cylance zero-day endpoint managed protection

CDW has chosen to partner with Cylance to deliver its managed zero-day endpoint platform. The decision to support Cylance required rigorous testing and benchmarking against the biggest players in the industry. They approach a difficult problem with an intelligent methodology. Here’s why I believe in Cylance as a best of breed solution for managed endpoint:

  • Multi-OS support
  • Cloud based management and deployment
  • Minimal updating required
  • Strong offline capabilities
  • Behavior-based prevention (machine learning)
  • Anti-malware/anti-exploit platform
  • Application whitelisting
  • Device control
  • Strong reporting capabilities

Why outsource IT services?

Enterprise security is specialized and requires a significant investment in individuals, technology and time. Many organizations find it beneficial to outsource these specific portions of their IT operations to a trusted partner. This can result in reduced operating costs for the client as spending becomes more predictable. Clients can leverage a team of platform specialists and take advantage of fast response times to gain peace of mind.

There is no silver bullet stopping all malicious attacks targeting your infrastructure. Attention to detail, endpoint hardening and adding other layers of defence are some of the most critical first steps you should take toward protecting your organization from attacks. Working with the team at CDW, you have access to experts in the fields of network and endpoint security, risk and compliance, security communication and education. We can help you assess whether managed zero-day endpoint protection is right for your organization.


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