Help Teachers Make the Grade with Jabra Audio and Video Tools


Teaching in the classroom might be on hold, but educating students definitely isn’t. The good news is that teachers can continue engaging their students, even from a distance. CDW partners with Jabra to deliver audio and video solutions that help teachers reinvent the classroom for virtual learning environments, with solutions including Jabra Evolve headsets and the Jabra PanaCast panoramic camera.

Give your students the best of both worlds with professional audio and video

44% of students are not satisfied with the audio or video quality of distance learning classes. That’s why teachers need superior audio and video to enhance both the teaching and learning experience. Get the best of both worlds with Jabra Evolve and Jabra PanaCast, the duo that lets you speak, be seen and move freely, ensuring A-grade remote teaching from wherever you are.

A comfortable and reliable headset

With a lightweight, compact and wireless design, your devices will make their mark without leaving one, while outstanding battery life means they’re on as long as you are.

Connect quickly with your students, through whichever platform you’re using

When your headset is compatible with all leading unified communications platforms, collaboration is quick and seamless. Set up easily and reach out instantly via Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Hangouts or your platform of choice. Once you’re connected, your class is too.

Freedom to move and teach

Make the most out of the classroom, no matter where it is. With Panoramic-4K video technology your students are provided with a wall-to-wall 180° field of view so you can use all the learning aids they’re used to. Wireless headsets with long-lasting battery life mean you can stand up, walk around and take control of the class like you usually do.

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