The higher education sector is facing huge challenges as a result of the current circumstances. Universities and colleges are being forced to shift from traditional teaching methods to hybrid learning models, and continue educating in unpredictable conditions. Institutions, academics and students must all adapt to this change.

Preparation is needed for a future that will require a more extensive use of technology in an effort to create a collaborative and connected community. For students to reach their maximum potential, professors must explore the new ways to help them learn and grow. Institutions will need to adapt, transform and discover new platforms to support the continuity of learning and teaching. To be successful, several key areas must be considered.

Provide students with tools to maximize their full potential

Remote, student-led learning is set to thrive this semester as traffic in hallways and lecture halls will be limited. However, only 19 percent of students are confident they can build relationships in a remote environment. Additionally, when learning from home, students may struggle with self-organization, loss of peer-to-peer learning and isolation. Technology will greatly impact student potential. It will play an important role in helping drive efficiency in the student workspace and provide comprehensive collaborative engagements with their professors and peers.

Students may not be aware of the impact that technology such as laptop peripherals can have on their overall work performance and remote engagements. With students multitasking between devices like their laptop, tablets and mobile phones, keyboards – such as the sleek, compact Logitech K380 – will seamlessly toggle and type on different devices with a touch of the button to help elevate student workspace efficiency. Adding a mouse like the Logitech M350 vs using a standard trackpad will also allow students to complete tasks 30 percent faster and increase their productivity by 50 percent.

One of the core objectives of a hybrid learning model is to find personalized instruction methods that meet the specific needs of each student, to support the continuity of learning. Faculties must find new ways to keep students engaged. Video collaboration tools that work with platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Google Meet allow students to connect and interact on a personal level with each other and professors. Accessories like noise-cancelling headsets can help maintain student focus when speaking with peers or professors via video while eliminating background disturbances. Gaming headsets like Logitech’s G Series will also allow for a quick transition from work to play for students.

Remove barriers for professors to deliver a successful hybrid learning experience

Delivering a hybrid learning curriculum and maintaining student engagement during lectures is one of the biggest challenges for professors. Not having the proper tools to support hybrid teaching models will impact the confidence of the professor and attention of the student. In fact, only 23 percent of students are confident they can get a quality education through remote classes. Focus must be placed on using the right technology to remove the barriers to relationship-building, to help students reach their full potential with personalized teaching that meets students’ unique learning needs. 

As new technology is introduced, varying tech skills of faculty can be an obstacle that results in inconsistent student learning experiences. Research shows that as many as 75 percent of higher education institutions are challenged with training professors who are less familiar with teaching online. Empowering professors with impactful user-friendly solutions, that require minimum training to use, can result in new dynamic learning experiences their students will embrace. From interactive discussion boards to virtual lectures, online debates and 1-1 mentoring; presented in conjunction with intuitive video collaboration tools like the Logitech MeetUp and paired with the Logitech Spotlight, professors can create a real world experience for their students to learn and grow. 

Become an environment that inspires and elevates

Whether in a classroom, dorm room or bedroom, students need technology that enhances their living and learning experience. Institutions must be prepared to support students to work hard, play hard and transition easily from in-person to online learning and student life activities. From esports tournaments to online career advice hubs, to virtual community programs that give students a taste of on-campus life, there are a multitude of ways institutions can create a learning environment that inspires and elevates.

Technology will be at the forefront of how universities and colleges deliver best-of-class learning and services to students. With the shift in instruction delivery and limited changes to tuition costs, institutions need to ensure student expectations are met by preparing and training staff on the new technology platforms and tools to provide a fluid experience for the student body. Plug and play solutions that can be quickly implemented to support the changing classroom environment are critical. Institutions also have to be prepared for the fact that not all students have the proper technology available. Offering students technology programs with their admission will help bridge the technology gap to ensure they have the tools they need to learn in a hybrid environment. 

Success will come in understanding how to power digital learning with simple tools that will support the unique needs of students and staff beyond the confines of classroom walls and campus halls. 

How Logitech can help…

With over 35 years’ experience designing innovative, high-quality and durable technology, Logitech supports the transition to hybrid learning where students will thrive in an ever-increasing, student-led approach to learning, professors are empowered with the technology to deliver personalized instructional lessons and institutions can quickly amp up online services and develop new student communities. Logitech is committed to supporting higher education with the tools needed to enhance the campus experience.  

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