Managing Risk: Top Four Ways to Make Your Computing More Secure and Manageable


According to the Ponemon Institute and 3M, “90% of visual hacking attempts are successful”, 48% of IT managers say security is among top concerns, and there is a 232% increase in attacks targeting notebooks and desktops in 2016. The average cost of a data breach is $7.7M and rising with an increasing mobile workforce, outdated personal systems, and ever-evolving threats. HP Inc.’s secure and manageable PCs and Printers are here to protect your business and manage risks with built-in security solutions.

  • Prevent visual hacking in public spaces
  1. For an increasingly mobile workforce, working in a coffee shop, on a plane or any other public space is ordinary. Ensuring protection from the 90% of successful visual hacking attempts is critical for mobile workers. HP Sure View, partnered with 3M privacy technology, uses a built-in privacy screen that be activated by pressing the F2 key. The Sure View is a world-class solution tailor-made for open work environments and the mobile worker. The Sure View is available on the HP EliteBook 1040 and HP EliteBook 840.


  • Protect yourself from attacks that you may not know are happening
  1. Making sure that you’re protected on all levels of the operating system is critical for both personal and business computing. Unintentional website visits and phishing emails could be attacking your computer without you even noticing. HP Sure Start Gen3 can prevent, detect and repair attacks on its own. Sure Start Gen3, the industry’s first self-healing PC BIOS, monitors in-memory BIOS, recovers the platform without intervention, restores the BIOS to your custom state, and can be managed centrally by IT.


  • Isolate ransomware and malware attacks in your browser
  1. With attackers making it difficult for users to differentiate between safe and unsafe websites, end users are more and more vulnerable to malware or ransomware attacks. HP Sure Click is designed to protect customers from web-based security threats. First available on the EliteBook x360 1030 G2, Sure Click protects customers from attacks originating from unintentional website visits where ransomware or malware may be hidden and automatically prevents any threats. The Sure Start is active for every website visited when the user in on Google Chromium or Internet Explorer and isolates a hardware-based isolated browsing session and eliminates the attack from spreading between tabs or the system itself.


  • Have solutions at all levels of your operating system
  1. As much as IT managers focus on surface-level anti-virus software and various security solutions, it’s beneath the operating system that attackers are targeting. According to HB Labs security researcher Boris Balacheff, over the years, attackers have focused more attention to platform vulnerabilities that exist in the firmware that runs beneath a PC’s operating system. Taking precautionary measures early can prevent attacks and allow workers to focus on the work at hand and on the go. HP BIOSphere Gen3, the industry-leading firmware ecosystem, shields the BIOS against attacks and helps keep mission-critical data and systems protected with customizable security authentication and BIOS-level passwords.


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