Even the greatest superheroes, like Superman, had to work in conjunction with others to protect the world. The same idea applies to cyber security; no single solution will defend against every threat facing the industry – but a collection of intelligent, sophisticated, and cutting-edge technologies will do the trick.

The list of vendors and solutions are growing by the quarter and it makes it that much more difficult for the customer to determine what will work for them. This is where CDW comes in – having a well-rounded knowledge in the industry provides the valuable foundation of any solution.

From personal experience, my background is heavily focused on pure offensive security and the implications it has against an organization – I use this knowledge for the greater good while designing solutions to defend against the evil doers in the cyber world today.

Sticking to the superhero realm – I’m like Lex Luther signing over to the Justice League. Knowing how information systems operate and being able to manipulate that transaction of trusted data help me articulate the very threats that an end-consumer needs to be aware of.

Being vendor agnostic allows the customer to fully understand the implications of vulnerabilities within their environment without feeling pressured to go with a specific solution – it’s about educating and arming them with the information necessary to go back to the organization with solutions (plural). Our job is to ensure that a customer feels that they know what the issues are, and more importantly, they understand the best course of action to take to remediate their concerns.

We must be vigilant, we must be ready, and most of all, we must be educated!


Adam Zimmerman, Security Solutions Architect

CDW Canada

With over six years of experience in the technology industry, Adam’s experience covers information security operations, cyber security advisory, penetration testing, and advanced exploitation. Adam’s primary focus is helping organizations build strong security practices and prepare for potential attacks.

Adam holds a Masters in IT Security from the University of Ontario Institute of Technology, where he successfully developed a malware classification tool with a security firm based in Ottawa. Additionally, he has worked on several cyber consulting engagements as a lead security researcher and was able to develop an exploit for the FAA’s NextGen Air Traffic Control Management System.

Adam currently serves in the Canadian Armed Forces as a Second Lieutenant where he holds a command position as a Troop Commander for 32 Combat Engineer Regiment of Toronto; specializing in mobility denial and facilitation, tactical breaching, controlled munitions disposal, and various humanitarian support operations.





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