The network infrastructure status quo for many businesses is complex, costly and highly dependent on legacy technologies and services just to achieve basic connectivity. Meanwhile, we are seeing a significant move to cloud-based applications and services, from Office 365 and videoconferencing services to cloud-based security solutions, which increases the need for not just branch-to-branch connectivity, but for networking solutions that can offer significant levels of improved application performance, reliability and security to support these new applications.

This makes it obvious that traditional networks can no longer support businesses that are moving to the cloud. SD-WAN can significantly benefit organizations, whether they are a single-branch business, or a business with many offices and locations across a region, a country or the world.

How VMware SD-WAN delivers quality remote access

And now enters VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud, a WAN Edge platform for optimal, reliable, secure and automated access to traditional and new applications, in the on-premises data centre or cloud, delivering enterprise quality access from remote branches to home offices. VMware SD-WAN has been named a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for WAN Edge Infrastructure two years in a row and has been adopted by hundreds of companies around the world as they seek to rapidly modernize their WAN and realize their cloud adoption initiatives.

VMware SD-WAN delivers many benefits and capabilities, but let’s review five reasons that businesses need to adopt VMware SD-WAN:

1.Reliable Connectivity

As companies look to take advantage of cloud-based services, they increasingly find their current network infrastructure functions as a bottleneck. This bottleneck is due to issues related to traditional WANs, such as expensive MPLS circuits, slow maintenance and deployment times, poor cloud connectivity and application performance.

VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud leverages path optimization and overlay technologies that allow businesses to supercharge their network and provide redundancy and resiliency. This approach leverages a secure overlay, helping companies manage a mixture of different broadband, LTE and MPLS circuits within their network infrastructure to eliminate business-impacting network outages and ensure high-quality application performance.


On traditional WAN systems, configuring new or existing infrastructure requires adjustments that may not properly work. However, VMware simplifies WAN operations with a cloud-based VMware SD-WAN Orchestrator that enables centralized management and orchestration of SD-WAN at scale. Networking edge appliances can simply be shipped to remote branch locations and plugged in by non-technical staff. Once the unit comes online, IT resources can manage it remotely and gain insight into utilization, performance and security, all through a “single pane of glass” experience.


VMware SD-WAN allows businesses to accommodate traffic from mobile applications, video and cloud computing while limiting the resources required to run and manage the network. This agility is achieved by multiple elements of the solution, but it can be mainly achieved through leveraging VMware SD-WAN’s cloud-hosted global network of scalable gateways. This cloud gateway model provide direct access to the cloud, from all over the world, eliminating “backhaul” of traffic to the data centre over expensive and constrained private links from branches, while being scalable enough to support all traffic spikes originated from the branch.

4.Enhanced Performance

Network traffic and availability conflicts will increase when more applications are migrated to the cloud. VMware SD-WAN’s path optimization technology leverages deep application recognition to detect critical application traffic. This ensures important applications receive preferred routing over other, non-critical apps, like Netflix or YouTube, ensuring a performance boost for your critical functions. In addition, the embedded link qualification and remediation feature helps VMware SD-WAN automatically maintain quality of experience (QoE) even over degraded link conditions. And finally, using VMware Cloud Gateways deliver optimized resource and application access to IaaS and SaaS through a unique control point strategically located in the proximity of all major internet PoPs.


By leveraging the global footprint of VMware SD-WAN Orchestrators hosted in the cloud, IT professionals will have access to a single platform that provides increased visibility for their networks more simply and effectively.

SD-WAN is now essential for success

In summary, SD-WAN offers businesses a host of significant benefits, including simplified monitoring and management, improved network and application performance, easy installation and, of course, that seamless scalability. This emerging networking technology has rapidly become a competitive differentiator between companies adopting SD-WAN and those saddled with an obsolete network. In short, SD-WAN is now essential for success.

CDW and VMware have the shared vision of enabling enterprises around the world in their digital transformation journey with the best networking solutions. We are working together to deliver dynamic, globally scalable WAN solutions that enable application performance, network availability and accelerate transformation at the network edge.

If you’d like to learn more about the VMware SD-WAN solution, check out the VMware SD-WAN landing page.


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