VPN For The Rest Of Us

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Affordable, Enterprise-Strength Virtual Private Networks for SMBs Enterprises have long enjoyed the increased security, reliability, and performance of virtual private networks (VPNs). But their cost, complexity, and maintenance have made them prohibitively expensive for small-to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). This disparity has become critical as SMBs are increasingly the target of cyber-attacks and cyber theft, which VPNs could dramatically reduce. In response, Linksys has developed VPN routers that SMBs can cost-effectively deploy without the complexity and maintenance of enterprise VPN solutions, and, most importantly, without sacrificing security, reliability, or performance.

Why Should SMBs Use Virtual Private Networks?

The short answer is that connecting to networks or mobile devices outside of any organization’s own secure network is risky. Companies most at risk are those that depend on mobile workers, remote locations, and business partners who log into a business’ host network—in other words, nearly every modern business, large or small. But SMBs do not have the budget, expertise, or security tools that larger enterprises have at their disposal on a daily basis. While hackers do target high-value big businesses most often, SMBs are an increasingly vulnerable target for organized cyber criminals.

According to research results, as of 2013, 31 percent of all cyber-attacks are now focused on SMBs—an 18 percent rise over the previous year.1 There is no reason to assume the attacks will not continue to escalate. In the past, many SMB owners felt they were “too small” to become targets, but hackers have automated their hacking processes and use software to scan for any and all networks that are vulnerable and take whatever assets they can from them. The same study showed that 60 percent of all SMBs that are victim to cyber-attacks go out of business in six months or less.2

Linksys Business VPN Routers

With the rise in SMB cyber-attacks and the lack of affordable security for SMBs, Linksys saw a distinct need in the market for affordable, easy-to-use, yet highly secure VPN routers. Its business-class Gigabit VPN Routers provide all the security and performance of high-end VPN routers scaled to fit the needs of SMBs. In the process, Linksys has removed some of the other barriers-to-entry for SMBs by vastly simplifying the installation and maintenance of its VPN routers, making them “IT budget friendly” even after purchase.

Cost-Effective VPN

The truth is, most SMBs do not need the number of ports or redundancies that typical enterprises do. Therefore, Linksys Gigabit and Dual WAN Gigabit Routers are a perfect fit for SMBs on a budget. Purchase of a Linksys VPN router gives SMBs ownership of their VPN environment, with no monthly software fees or expensive VPN clients to buy or rent.

Easy to Use

Linksys designed its Gigabit VPN Routers for ease of use. No in-house technical expertise of VPN technology is needed. From installation to the addition of new VPN connections, operation is intuitive, quick to deploy, and secure. Easy to Maintain Maintenance is as simple as installation. Again, no VPN technology expertise is required, as intelligent firmware and Web-based secure management software with extensive online help is all it takes to easily and quickly maintain Linksys Gigabit VPN Routers.