The Nutanix Hyper-Converged Solution

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The explosion of virtualized server workloads such as databases, network services, collaboration applications, and unified communications has given rise to the need for a more intelligent approach to infrastructure management. With hundreds of virtualized applications running in a typical datacentre, IT infrastructure requires alignment with the virtualization stack. Traditional 3-tier architectures result in inefficiencies in provisioning, silos between IT and business units, and inability to scale globally as business needs grow.

The Nutanix hyper-converged solution is an ideal, pay-as-you grow solution for server virtualization. Using a web-scale architecture that integrates compute and storage resources into a 100% software-defined appliance, Nutanix empowers both large and small IT organizations to efficiently consolidate and run all virtualized workloads on a single system. 100% feature parity across all popular hypervisors delivers the ultimate in flexibility.

Designed with intelligent data tiering, high-performance flash storage, and dense hard disk drives for high performance and low latencies across a large storage capacity – Nutanix services all of your critical enterprise applications and development operation environments on one platform, under a common management framework. Enterprise-grade features, including self-healing storage and VM-granular policies combined with consumer-grade management, enables IT to eliminate the operational complexity typical of server virtualization environments with 3-tier infrastructure and easily manage deployments around the world through global management.

Nutanix eliminates operational issues common with traditional data centre infrastructures, such as unpredictable performance, storage management complexity, and expensive IT change management. Nutanix solutions converge server and storage resources into a single, 100% software-defined appliance that comes ready to run all enterprise applications, at any scale. As a hypervisor-agnostic solution, Nutanix gives IT managers a choice of virtualization environments, including VMware vSphere, Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 with Hyper-V, and KVM.

A single Nutanix hyper-converged appliance can simultaneous run different workloads, including transactional and analytical databases, critical business application servers, and messaging and collaboration workloads – without having to overprovision storage to maintain long-term performance. The patented software-based design allows different Nutanix nodes to be added to a cluster based on applications needs, including the dense NX-1000 and NX-3000 series, the capacity-oriented NX-6000 series, and high-performance NX-8000 and NX-9000 series.