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Right now, we are seeing an unprecedented shift toward working from home, and that means adapting to all-new ways of doing business, such as setting up a remote office. It is important for today’s employees to remain both productive and comfortable while working remotely; and having the right technology to smoothly transition is a major factor. 

When working from home, company personnel might lack an organized remote office setup, which, in turn, could make the difference between great outcomes and wasted time. Versatile and powerful laptops are vital for working from various locations – but these solutions alone often aren’t enough to stay focused on the work at hand.  By outfitting your home office with the right products and resources, you can stay productive and on task, no matter where you work. 

Secure and powerful notebooks to improve your at-home workflow

Working from home means adapting to all new ways of doing business, requiring employees to operate on a device that can optimize your workflow, while also keeping your data secure.  Whether you are recreating your personal office at home, or simply working on the couch, Lenovo ThinkPad notebooks running Windows 10 Pro, paired with the right accessories, are the backbone of securely working remotely.

Whether it is the power and portability of the ThinkPad T Series, the ultrathinness and performance of an X1 Carbon, or the time-saving features provided by ThinkBook laptops, these fast and portable notebooks, powered by Intel processors, can be a key starting point for a productive home office.  Upgrading your setup with a Lenovo ThinkPad notebook can be the difference between making that meeting on time or being a no show. 

Home office peripherals: productivity boosters for remote work

Displays: key to a dedicated workspace

Did you know that adding a second monitor to your setup can increase productivity by up to 30 percent, saving an average of 2.5 hours per day?[1] By utilizing Lenovo ThinkVision monitors, you can enhance comfort and sustain productivity within any workspace you may have at home. Whether it is the near-edgeless display and rich connectivity of a Thinkvision T24i, or the boost in collaborative productivity with the ThinkVision T22v and its built-in webcam and speaker, Lenovo ThinkVision monitors help you make the most out of the hours you have!

Accessories to maximize collaboration & complete your setup

Working for prolonged periods of time on a notebook’s trackpad and keyboard is not ideal for those engaging remotely.  At the same time, attempting to join virtual calls with a PC’s built-in microphone and speakers can make collaborating a pain when it does not need to be.  By adding the ergonomic productivity provided by an Essential Keyboard & Mouse Combo, along with active noise cancellation with a pair of ThinkPad X1 ANC headphones to your home office, you can finish reports and communicate with your peers without the worry of background noise.

Docks: bringing your remote office together

While all these office essentials will help make your remote working experience much easier, individually connecting each device can be a pain.  Now think of all the time you’d save if you could connect all your peripherals at once with a Lenovo ThinkPad docking station. With these, you can reduce limitations and enjoy vivid 4K displays or multiple 1080p screens, charge your notebook and connect peripherals so you can tackle your day with an ideal setup for your home office.

To learn more about Lenovo’s solutions for your remote office, visit CDW.ca/Lenovo

[1] https://www.business.com/articles/increasing-productivity-how-dual-monitors-can-save-you-time-and-money/


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