Optimizing Your BYOD Environment With Cisco

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Today’s business environment is transforming to provide more flexible work approaches for employees. Supported by an expanding ecosystem of mobile applications and devices, workers increasingly demand access to business applications and expertise anywhere, from any device. In response, organizations are laying the groundwork for an architecture that connects devices, applications, user types, and deployment models to support the BYOD trend and enable a “work your way” experience.

The Challenges of Delivering a Mobile Experience

Many workers today rely on their smartphones as a basic platform for doing business. At the same time, the majority of mobile device purchases in the North America are personal purchases chosen without any regard for available IT support. Companies are challenged to provide an “any device” optimal experience that:

  • Reduces risk by maintaining compliance and security
  • Rapidly rolls out services and applications
  • Delivers a consistent, portable experience while supporting emerging work styles
  • Lowers complexity while maintaining costs

Cisco Unified Workspace Services

To help navigate these challenges, organizations must:

  • Increase the robustness of the network and its security profile
  • Enable video and collaboration applications across new devices
  • Establish usage policies and governance models
  • Consider virtualized deployment models

Cisco offers a portfolio of Unified Workspace services that map business requirements to IT strategy to evolve applications, security, mobility, desktop virtualization, and network infrastructures:

  • Architecture Strategy Workshop: Identify objectives, business requirements, and use cases to guide strategy
  • Architecture Assessment & Design:  Develop a detailed design, pilot, and implementation plan that addresses wireless, collaboration, security, network, and data centre requirements
  • Optimization: Improve visibility throughout the architecture and optimize device, applications, and infrastructure management to enhance performance and deliver a superior total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Technical Support: Manage and monitor your network with technical services and smart capabilities that proactively identify issues and speed resolution.

For organizations requiring an in-depth focus around desktop virtualization or support for untethered collaboration, the Architecture Strategy Workshop helps to identify requirements and related services around Desktop Virtualization, Mobile Collaboration, and other areas. Business Benefits Cisco® Services help you build on existing investments to implement architectures that:

  • Improve productivity and encourage collaboration and innovation in an open, flexible environment
  • Ensure tight integration of mobile applications, devices, and security
  • Provide consistent performance across devices, networks, and customer and partner services
  • Lower operating costs with a more agile, adaptable infrastructure
  • Assure greater customer satisfaction through mobile applications