How to Find the Right Unified Communications Platform


If you’re reading this, we’re willing to bet you’ve already made the decision to upgrade your unified communications platform to the cloud.

And maybe not just upgrade it — but transform it to give your customers faster, more relevant experiences while building business continuity and data compliance into every aspect of your communications. Not to mention, freeing your team to operate from anywhere; lowering your costs, optimizing IT budgets and integrating your communications with the other critical systems you rely on.

The right unified communications (UC) platform can do all these things, and a great deal more. But identifying and deploying the ideal solution takes care and know-how.

Why do I need a cloud communications platform?

After the rollercoaster of 2020, businesses everywhere now recognize the need for an integrated, high-performance cloud communications platform that employees can access instantly, from anywhere. Few want to continue relying on — and paying for — the cobbled-together interim solutions that first enabled remote work at scale.

Today’s businesses face rapidly-changing demands, whether due to customer trends, competitor activity, advances in technology or a number of other unforeseen factors.

The more versatile and feature-rich your UC solution, the easier you’ll find it to respond to any business challenges that come your way.

What to look for – a top-notch UC platform should:

Platform Resiliency Operational Agility Seamless Experiences
Offer a single, reliable and accountable vendor Provide easy-to-use tools, accessible through one app and admin panel Offer low total cost of ownership, and be easy to deploy
Make you more resilient, secure and compliant   Enable your people to operate from anywhere Make every customer engagement smoother and simpler
Future-proof your communications with instant upgrades Make your business more efficient and productive Make all communication and collaboration tools easily accessible through one interface
Free up your IT budget and resources Organize and analyze your data in real time to improve customer service Integrate seamlessly with existing apps and systems (CRM suites, Microsoft Teams, etc.)
Free you from costly onsite capital expenses Allow you to set up new users and locations easily Be easy and cost-effective to deploy

Why to consider 8×8 as your unified communications provider

8×8 is transforming the future of business communications as a leading Software-as-a-Service provider of voice, video, chat, contact centre and enterprise-class API solutions powered by one global cloud communications platform. 8×8 empowers workforces worldwide to connect individuals and teams so they can collaborate faster and work smarter. Real-time business analytics and intelligence provide businesses unique insights across all interactions and channels so they can delight customers and accelerate their business.

8×8’s Open Communications Platform (available through X Series service plans) combines voice, videoconferencing, team messaging, analytics and contact centre on an integrated cloud platform. The result? A reliable, easy-to-use communications system, accessible from a single app and admin panel with a low cost of ownership.

To learn more about 8×8 unified communications, please speak with your CDW representative.