How Lenovo Services Improve the Work from Anywhere Experience


The Device is Only Part of the Solution

Wherever you may work, your employees all need the same thing: powerful, secure, dependable technology that allows them to be productive – in the office, on the road, at home or in a remote location.

However, for employees in a hybrid work environment, there is more to it than that. Any device must be configured, deployed, managed, maintained, updated and secured – all without affecting user productivity. And that means a trusted ecosystem of services geared to every stage of a PC lifecycle. 

Luckily, Lenovo not only delivers the hardware, but also software and crucial services that satisfy user needs at all stages of deployment and device lifecycles; lifting the burden on hard-pressed IT teams.

Zero-Touch Deployment: Keep the Modern Workplace Productive

Distributing devices and software slows productivity in the office – not to mention the modern workplace.  Lenovo and Microsoft can help you avoid slow deployment, employee downtime and decreased productivity. Windows Autopilot simplifies the way devices get deployed, reset and repurposed, with an experience that is zero-touch for IT, freeing your teams for more challenging work.

The PC ships directly to the employee, wherever they are, and Windows Autopilot simplifies and controls the whole installation process through fast, cloud-based deployment. With employees being scattered across locations more now than ever, setup and pre-configuration services allow devices to be ready to use out of the box and supported remotely; enabling safer, hybrid environments.

Premier Support: Advanced PC Services for Anywhere, Anytime Business

Once deployed, whether your users are in the office or in the field, sooner or later they will need support. Enter Premier Support – a highly efficient, cost-effective way to manage routine support tasks, free users to focus on strategic efforts and increase remote productivity.

With Premier Support, your employees have direct access to elite Lenovo engineers who provide unscripted troubleshooting and comprehensive support for hardware and software. That means less downtime. So when things go wrong, your users get back to work faster.

More than a standard support offering, Premier Support also helps with issues remote employees are bound to encounter. With a dedicated single point of contact for advanced support, this includes assistance with anything from common software (such as Windows and Office applications), to device troubleshooting, as well as support for peripherals such as Wi-Fi, networks, printers and more; enabling peace-of-mind among remote workforces. 

ThinkShield: Protection that’s Built in, Not Bolted on

ThinkShield is Lenovo’s comprehensive portfolio of security offerings across device protection, threat and data protection and security management that seamlessly integrates with Think devices.  With a fully customizable portfolio of solutions, ThinkShield helps keep businesses ahead of dangerous, costly breaches to sustain productivity and a positive employee experience.

ThinkShield’s automated and intelligent solutions make IT teams more effective, too. When admins can spend more time on the big picture and less time on small issues, they can drive innovation and growth. With protection that creates huge efficiencies, you can streamline IT administration, improve remote end-user experience and provide a platform for businesses to compete safely and effectively.

In other words, ThinkShield proactively protects critical data and business technologies without slowing down your users, enabling effective and safe remote work environments for today’s modern workforce.

SentinelOne: Securing the Edge to Enhance Productivity

Your most sensitive data lives on the endpoint and in the cloud. Protect what matters most from cyberattacks by fortifying every edge of the network with real-time autonomous protection. With patented AI models that live on each device, SentinelOne software helps predict tomorrow’s attacks today and enables devices to self-heal from any attack instantaneously.

SentinelOne replaces legacy anti-virus with AI that lives on every device. With this next-gen AI protection, attacks can be predicted with autonomous prevention, detection  and response – securing remote workers with ease. SentinelOne deploys in seconds and protects remote workers on different PCs, IoT devices and cloud workloads.

Visit or contact your CDW Account Manager to learn more about Lenovo’s comprehensive portfolio of services and security solutions.