How 8×8’s Cloud Communications Platform Can Improve the Patient-Provider Experience


A good patient-provider relationship requires a personal touch, which can be a challenge when you’re not seeing patients in person. In some circumstances, such as with infectious disease patients, being able to diagnose and recommend treatment over a video call helps keep other patients and office staff safe.

A 2015 study found that 94 to 99 percent of telehealth patients were “very satisfied” with telehealth as an option, and about a third of the patients preferred telehealth visits over in-person medical care, which bodes well for the future of telehealth as a part of regular medical practice. If you’re wondering how to provide a safe and positive experience for patients without requiring in-person visits for every issue, 8×8’s cloud communications platform can help.

Reliable Communication

8×8’s cloud communications platform keeps you connected even when the majority of patient-provider communication is via telehealth. Traditional landlines are vulnerable to power outages, and building closures can leave phone calls unanswered. With a cloud-based communication system, you can talk to patients no matter where you are, making it possible to complete telehealth appointments from home. Auto attendants that route calls to the right department help reduce the need for a physical receptionist answering phones, and the ability to immediately switch between an in-house phone system and mobile phones lets you keep your practice up and running even when your physical office is inaccessible.

Efficient Records Management

Whether you’re working remotely or have patients coming into the office for scheduled appointments, having access to all of a patient’s files helps you make the right decisions about care options. A cloud-based records system with centralized administration keeps the data you need within easy reach, so you can spend more time face-to-face with each patient instead of looking for information buried in physical files. You can pull up data right on your personal computer or phone and have the details at your fingertips during a physical or telehealth appointment.

Security and the Patient-Provider Relationship

One concern patients often have is whether their private medical information is secure and medical professionals want assurance that all guidelines about patient confidentiality are being met. Third-party verification of security compliance helps keep patient-provider communication secure and protects the data stored on 8×8’s cloud servers. Data is encrypted and shielded to prevent unauthorized access, while HIPAA, FISMA, ISO certifications and BAAs (Business Associate Agreements) let you and your patients feel comfortable that their information remains private.

Improving Patient Satisfaction

Whether you’re focusing on telehealth appointments for most basic visits to maintain social distancing rules or using cloud-based systems to complement an in-person medical practice, integrating cloud communications into your existing structure helps improve patient satisfaction. Patients don’t have to come into the office since they can call in from home, and medical professionals can provide one-on-one assessments, therapy sessions or diagnostic conversations over a personal phone.

Providing the best patient care includes finding the technological solutions that work best for your medical office or health care facility. 8×8’s cloud communications platform for healthcare professionals lets you keep in contact with patients, maintain efficient medical records and analyze essential information about patient care no matter where you are.

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