Enabling Better, Modern Collaboration with Lenovo


As the modern workplace continues to rely more heavily on remote productivity, today’s employees require multilevel collaboration tools across roles, departments and geographical locations. Teams are now becoming more and more spread across in-office, remote and hybrid workspaces; resulting in a critical need for smart devices to help run meetings efficiently and effectively from anywhere.

With Lenovo’s ThinkSmart portfolio and collaboration solutions, you can make working together with colleagues, customers and partners across locations and time zones easy and fast. From executive suites to home offices, these devices can help simplify modern meetings and provide a smarter way to collaborate.

How to Make Every Meeting Count

11 months ago, the idea of working from home seemed like a cakewalk. The idea of working in your pajamas and not having to deal with a commute was great in theory, but not being able to physically collaborate with your peers on day-to-day and macro-level ideas and activities has shown to have crucial drawbacks. 

It has now become essential to have the necessary tools to stay fully productive and fully collaborative, no matter where it is you might be working in 2021. Luckily, Lenovo’s portfolio of collaboration devices designed for offices and remote workspaces helps provide administrative companions to PCs and meeting rooms in order to make the most out working from anywhere, no matter where you may be.

Modern Devices for Today’s Collaboration Demands

ThinkSmart View – A Collaborative Smart Assistant

We’ve all been there. Someone says something important on a virtual conference call, and you want to make note of it, so you switch over to Microsoft Word…and now you can no longer see the conference. This is hardly an ideal experience.

With ThinkSmart View, you can stay productive in voice or video calls without impacting the work on your PC. This collaborative smart device combines Microsoft Teams or Zoom collaboration software with technology that’s more than capable of hosting your virtual meetings. No matter where you may be, you can enjoy clear audio in private settings with powerful built-in mics and speakers, or connect some noise-cancelling headphones for an optimal audio experience.

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ThinkSmart Hub – All-in-One Meeting Room Device

With 2021 being another unpredictable year, it is important to be prepared to operate in a hybrid work environment in the near future. As a result, it is essential to be able to equip your team and workspaces with a meeting-room assistant to make collaboration between those in-office and at home easy and intuitive.

With its clever and compact design reducing tabletop clutter, the ThinkSmart Hub 500 is a flexible all-in-one meeting room system that allows connection to any device in proximity with ease.  With its integrated speakers, dual microphones and touch screen control display, content sharing is simple and seamless, either via HDMI or wirelessly through Microsoft Teams or Zoom (depending on model). With audio and video already built in, simply hit one button, and everyone can begin collaborating right away.

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Google Meet Series One Room Kits – Ideal for Any Space

From personal meeting spaces, to executive boardrooms, to classrooms, Google Meet Series One room kits from Lenovo have you covered.  With purpose-built options for small, medium and large rooms, organizations in varying industries that depend on G Suite and Google Meet to keep ideas and communications flowing can now rely on the Series One room kits.

Series One room kits include all the components you need to create modern workplace collaboration spaces. The kits arrive ready to go, right out of the box with its compute system, controller, smart camera, cables, smart audio bar and mic pod(s). Plus, with the power and network combined in one Ethernet cable, there are fewer cables to run and less clutter; making setup and installation simple and easy for a variety of room types.

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