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In recent years, many new collaborative tools have been introduced to the market, enabling organizations to extend collaboration outside the walls of their businesses. Providing access to collaborative tools for employees outside the office is no longer a luxury; it is mandatory for businesses to stay relevant in today’s market. The Cisco Preferred Architecture (PA) for Midmarket Collaboration delivers capabilities that enable organizations to realize immediate gains in productivity and enhanced relationships. Additionally, Cisco technology use cases offer organizations opportunities to develop new, advanced business processes that deliver even more value in these areas:

Consolidate Communications Infrastructure: Bring together voice, video, and data into a single IP network to simplify management and support effective communications.

Incorporate Video Into Meetings: Improve communications, relationships, and productivity by making it easier to meet face to face over distance.

Extend Telephony with Video: Facilitate face to face video communications directly from end user phones or softphone applications.

Support Teleworkers and Branch Offices: Let employees work from multiple locations, whether satellite offices, home offices, or when traveling.

Collaborate with External Organizations: Easily share information, interact in real time, and communicate using technologies beyond email and telephone.

Create Flexible Work Areas and Office Spaces: Scale office space and create work areas that foster employee inclusiveness, collaboration, innovation, and teamwork.

Deploy Unified Communications Architecture: Provide the entire global organization with a single communications tool set for all users.

Because of the adaptable nature of Cisco endpoints and their support for IP networks, this architecture enables an organization to use its current data network to support both voice and video calls. Voice and video IP traffic should be classified and prioritized to preserve the user experience and avoid negative effects such as delay, loss, and jitter. Empower your workforce through collaboration services such as Cisco Unified Communications, Video Collaboration, and Contact Center.


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