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CDW enables bring your own device- and shared device programs; including policy planning, device security, management and end-user support through a dedicated BYOD Help Desk.

Mobile Management Portal

A customizable and co-branded procurement portal helps you manage all of the strategic and tactical components associated with a successful procurement and provisioning program. CDW’s flexible solution supports your corporate approval processes and ensures orders are controlled, tracked and completed according to your specifications and workflow.


Depending on your organization policy, select from a full scope of mobile devices ranging from smartphones to tablets to laptops from any manufacturer.


CDW’s configuration experts work with your IT staff to ensure that your mobile devices arrive ready to use right out of the box, including customization and personalization services that ensure seamless deployment, reliability and security with personalization to represent your organization to both customers and employees in a unique and professional manner.


Activation of your voice and data plans prior to shipment enables rapid deployment and ease of use for your end users regardless of their location.

Asset Tagging and Data Capture

CDW will physically tag your devices with either CDW asset tags, custom tags, or your tags if provided. In addition, we offer data capture services to consolidate all device and network identifiers into a database that can be accessed via a secure website.

Imaging and IOS/Android Customization 

Imaging services allow you to have your custom-configured “image” loaded onto systems you purchase before they ship. CDW can also apply specified policies, pre-loaded apps & network connections on both Apple and Android based platforms. These fully configured systems can then be shipped to their end destination, reducing deployment time.


Device failures typically happen early in ownership. CDW can help you detect these issues before taking delivery. Devices will be powered on and run for an allotted amount of time. Diagnostic software will be used to test the system’s components depending upon the hardware platform.

Laser Etching

Personalize your devices with your organization’s logo or any other image or text. Laser Etching is the process of engraving into the surface of a device leaving a permanent and professional marking.


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