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Collaborating with leading experts and strategists, CDW offers strategy development workshops, planning and other consultative services customized to the needs of your organization. Together with your stakeholders, CDW’s partners will assess project priorities and requirements based on an itemized road map. Your tailored road map will outline near term and long-term steps and milestones and serve as an on-going checkpoint for progress.

Planning Your Roadmap:

Mobility Policy Workshop

  • Mobile computing landscape
  • Mobile policy and governance guidance
  • Management and security profile
  • Strategy execution roadmap
  • Network assessment

30-60-90 Day Quick Start Plan

  • Understand current mobile landscape and industry impact
  • Define mobility vision and objectives
  • Identify personas and high value mobile use cases
  • Align with stakeholders on mobile use case priorities
  • Create 30/60/90 plan

3 Year Mobile Strategy Design and Roadmap

  • Customer journey mapping for mobile engagement

Data and Device Policy

Clearly written policies governing mobile device use for both organization and individual protection are critical. Our solution architects have extensive best practice knowledge and the expertise to initiate policy planning tailored to the needs of your organization.
Mobile Policy Checklist

Mobile Security

Organizations must accommodate new ways of working, as mobility becomes the norm. For network and security managers, the influx of mobile devices and applications represent the worrisome prospect of organizational data leaks. Mobile devices are increasingly connected to wireless LANs and other networks that don’t provide protection through network-based firewalls. While helping your organization establish a BYOD program or corporate owned program, CDW can deploy host-based firewall solutions for mobile devices.


CDW will help you assess, design and optimize your wireless network platform—and provide annual check-ups along the way. We begin with a Site Survey to provide an optimal network design roadmap and identify potential interference, coverage issues and security concerns in order to propose solutions to mediate any difficulties.


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