Canadian Businesses Prioritize Technology Refreshing This Year


The importance of technology to a business’ ongoing operation cannot be overestimated, as it has pervaded all aspects of work life. Across all departments, IT forms the backbone for essential business processes.

A recent CDW Canada survey among Canadian organizations showed that updating environments, ensuring they are secure, and being prepared for the unexpected are their top IT priorities.

Software and/or hardware refresh/upgrades ranked as the highest technology priority for businesses (61 per cent), followed by backup/disaster recovery (54 per cent), and security (45 per cent). Coming in at fourth place was virtualization (41 per cent), followed closely by storage (40 per cent).

It’s interesting to note that refresh cycles are top of mind, showing that many organizations feel that simply having IT processes in place is not enough – they need to ensure their existing infrastructure is up to date and optimized for the highest efficiency possible. Refreshing and updating technology is one way to proactively ensure IT environments are more efficient and reliable.

Additionally, the survey showed organizations were giving consideration to current IT trends, in order to determine which ones would have an impact on their business. More than one quarter of respondents (26 per cent) felt cloud technology would have the greatest effect, followed by 21 per cent citing network optimization.

Cloud technology continues to be a hot trend, so it’s not surprising that our customers are trying to understand the role it can, and will, play within their business. A cloud solution can help reduce their data centre footprint with the flexibility to scale up or down and add or reduce capacity as needed. This allows them to have far greater business agility.

CDW Canada is listening to what our customers are saying, and to ensure they are well-armed we have partnered with top cloud providers in a wide array of categories, including IaaS, Security, storage, and backup and collaboration.

Whether it’s an IT refresh or moving to the cloud, CDW Canada works closely with businesses of all sizes to offer vendor-neutral advice and expertise. With a knowledgeable team of technology experts, customers receive personalized, end-to-end support from initial assessment and design, to deployment, ongoing management of custom solutions, and beyond.