How to Transform Productivity with Lenovo and CDW


Automation in the workplace is the way of the future. A McKinsey Global Institute report found that half of today’s work activities could be automated by 2055. The good news is this technology can help make workers more productive; according to a study by software platform Workfront, 69 percent of knowledge workers say automation will give them more time to do their “primary job duties” – as opposed to spending time on menial tasks.

When it comes to IT, automation can help free up time spent on repetitive tasks, set up new devices faster and get those devices under management right away. Lenovo devices can be equipped with tools that offer custom provisioning, remote management and automated cloud deployment. In addition to automation, Lenovo devices offer several features that can save employees time. Here are three more ways Lenovo can increase productivity for workers – and reduce headaches for IT.

1.Enabling Better Collaboration

Lenovo’s collaboration solutions make working together with colleagues, customers and partners across locations and time zones easier and faster. Smart meeting solutions connect effortlessly and eliminate delays with easy-to-use features. Collaborative workspaces, including Lenovo Unified Workspace, allow employees to work on the go from all around the world. And Lenovo PCs offer tools like a dual-array microphone and rotating webcam for secure and effective videoconferencing.

2.Enhancing Device Output

Lenovo offers workplace solutions for added comfort, with ergonomic features that control blue light exposure, reduce eye fatigue and can be easily adjusted to help improve posture. Borderless monitors offer extra screen space, while digital pens provide accuracy on touch-enabled devices. Meanwhile, built-in Intel technology accelerates performance, maximizes processing power and enables PCs to run faster.

3.Modern Devices for Mobile and Non-Mobile Users

To achieve maximum productivity, the workforce should be equipped with modern device technology. Lenovo’s devices are powered by Windows 10 Pro, the latest generation Intel processors and accessories that enable employees to achieve more. Mobile devices are thin, lightweight and powerful, with RapidCharge battery technology, while non-mobile users can benefit from features such as a multi-monitor setup, hassle-free expansion and easy connectivity to peripherals.

Certain devices come with additional features like multitouch anti-glare display, Dolby Audio and 16:10 monitors that can display up to 7 extra lines on PDF documents, all of which can help advanced users perform heavy-duty tasks.

Lenovo and CDW

Lenovo and CDW solutions give you the performance and durability you need to meet your IT goals — within budget and on time. By partnering with CDW, you will receive the expertise of our knowledgeable account managers, certified technology specialists and experienced delivery engineers. To learn more, please read the Transforming Productivity Whitepaper or visit