CDW + Citrix: Expand the Value of Office 365 with ShareFile


When is your organization embracing Office 365? That’s probably a better question to ask than if your organization will embrace it. At the end of 2017, the number of monthly active users of Office 365 passed the 120 million mark — impressive numbers that demonstrate Microsoft’s commitment to the platform.

Bases off of many customer calls the conversations have varied from “Office 365 isn’t for us (yet)” to “we don’t need ShareFile” and everything in between. The biggest misconception that we’ve heard thus far though is the belief that ShareFile competes with Office 365, and more specifically OneDrive, but CDW can assure you that’s not how Citrix develops (or positions) products like ShareFile.

Let’s clear this up once and for all; Citrix ShareFile adds value to Microsoft solutions and help you better adopt services like Office 365 in your enterprise.

Organizations that aren’t quite ready to onboard Office 365 are usually struggling with the location of data and have concerns about compliance (eg. GDPR), security, performance, and reliability. The enormous amounts of data that organizations have accumulated in the past often presents challenges and raises questions around if moving to a singular cloud is even the right move. A “one size fits all” approach isn’t for everyone, and can oftentimes result in even worse data sprawl. For these customers, ShareFile helps ensure that legacy data can be accessed with the same ease as cloud data, ensuring that the transition to the cloud is successful one.

Organizations that tend to be more forward thinking have likely already taken the leap of faith with Office 365, and these same organizations are likely the same ones that have developed a strategy for their evolving digital workspace. Does “Work from anywhereanytime and from any device” sound familiar? These companies are embracing a new digital workspace to enhance workforce productivity and extend employee collaboration, and create new ways of working that match the dynamic nature of the way we conduct business today. For these customers, ShareFile ensures not only that 365 works as expected in the latest and greats digital workspaces, but also that critical security and workflow capabilities are extended as well, ensuring that these organizations get the most out of their leap to the cloud.

Want to become part of the 120 million (and growing) active users of Office 365? Let CDW help you.

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