The Strategic Value of IT to Line of Business Workflow


For years now, IT departments have dealt with escalating demand for services in the face of steadily shrinking budgets. At the same time, they are increasingly pressured to demonstrate their relevance to the business, to align technical capabilities more closely with business goals, and to serve a more strategic role for the organization. Today, most IT organizations are still struggling on the strategic front. According to a recent report from Forrester Research, IT service management (ITSM) professionals say they “excel at firefighting processes, such as incident and change management, but fall short when it comes to planning and demand, strategy, and service portfolio management.”

HP is well positioned to assist IT management teams with tools that foster strategic conversations with line of business stakeholders in key areas of impact. We can help you demonstrate how elements of the increasingly strategic value of IT – security, mobility, document capture and workflow – can positively impact an organization’s core business.

Having the ability to sort through major areas of potential impact within your organization, and prioritizing those areas, is key to recognizing improvements that will have the most positive effect on your business.

HP works with Information Technology teams and your lines of business to prioritize workflows that require attention. Through an interactive workshop and white board session, HP works collaboratively with your organization to uncover areas of concern within your business, and also prioritize the most impactful areas. Business areas or processes can then be prioritized, based on the following criteria:

  • Overall business value
  • Strategic alignment
  • Potential risk of implementing a new process

Once a prioritization of business areas or processes is accomplished HP can help you drill down into specific current state issues and identification of future state improvements by engaging with you on a Workflow Needs Analysis.

Information technology is changing, and it is imperative that organizations work collaboratively to address key areas of impact of printing and associated workflows, such as in the areas of security, mobility, document capture and workflow. HP has developed strategies and solutions to help you with this process and to help you drive efficiencies in these core areas of impact.

Partner with HP and CDW to streamline the flow of information in your organization.

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