We understand the challenge you, the IT community, is currently facing with the global increase in remote workers. You may find yourself needing to support remote operations and infrastructure while keeping your employees safe, your business running and employees’ laptop data protected. And, you need to do this now.

Our partners at Commvault know their services can help you keep remote workers’ data safe in this extraordinary time, and are prepared to do it free of charge, supported by their partnership with Microsoft Azure. That is why they are making instant access to Commvault’s SaaS offering Metallic™ Endpoint Backup and Recovery available, at no cost and with unlimited Microsoft Azure backup storage for up to 1,000 endpoint devices, in the U.S. and Canada through September 1, 2020.

This offering comes with no strings attached, no sales conversations and provides new and existing customers with a simple solution for endpoint data protection to safeguard laptops and other endpoint data from corruption, deletion and opportunistic malware and ransomware attacks. These types of protections become even more critical in times like these as they help stave off bad actors looking to exploit the situation.

How Commvault helps protect remote workers

Leveraging Microsoft Azure Cloud storage with Metallic’s SaaS-based delivery of endpoint protection lets users quickly start protecting their remote workers’ devices without physical interaction or downtime. It can be up and running in minutes and provides sophisticated, enterprise-grade technology that can quickly scale, without impacting employees. It includes geo-location, complementing Azure’s Geo-Replication, and remote wipe functions to securely erase data from lost or stolen laptops. In addition, Metallic’s silent installs and backups require no action from end users, protecting desktop and laptop data without impacting user productivity.

Many companies – small-and-midsized in particular – do not have an existing blueprint to easily protect endpoint data in a secure, scalable way. As you pivot your IT operations to face the current reality, Commvault can help reduce the strain you are already under. More information and access to the free solution can be found on their Metallic website.


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