It is certainly not surprising to hear that information security is a top priority for Canadian businesses. CDW’s 2020 Security Study, an IDC-led, Canada-wide, cross-industry survey of 524 IT Security and Risk & Compliance professionals reveals that more than 4 in 5 organizations have experienced a cybersecurity incident due to the poor hygiene of a third-party business partner. This study also concluded that the future of cybersecurity will heavily leverage security automation and machine learning to drive down the complexity of security management and improve cyber resilience.

Zero trust – the security concept that nothing should be trusted inside or outside of the network perimeter – was identified in the study as driving investments in identity and access management solutions for users and applications.

Many Canadian organizations surveyed had deployed endpoint detection and response (EDR) solutions with coverage gaps, leaving non-corporate (BYOD) devices vulnerable to attack. A platform approach to cybersecurity can help address this challenge.

Minimize risks with simplified security management

VMware Workspace Security offers a platform that combines several integration layers to create a digital workspace complete with access management, unified endpoint management (UEM), analytics, desktop and application virtualization and endpoint security with Carbon Black.

VMware Workspace Security brings to market an integration of Workspace ONE Intelligence that leverages both the device management capabilities of Workspace ONE UEM and the powerful security orchestration enabled  by the Carbon Black Cloud to quickly identify and remediate vulnerable or compromised endpoints, minimizing the risks associated with cyberattacks, and simplifying security management with intelligent automation.

Why security should be built-in, not bolted on

As per the CDW 2020 Security Study, it is increasingly important that Canadian businesses use proper controls to provide visibility into who is accessing corporate data and services, and what actions are being undertaken on corporate networks. The survey recommends deploying both EDR and UEM solutions that provide a single pane of glass for creating user policies, provisioning, patching, monitoring and locking/wiping devices.

VMware’s vision of Intrinsic Security is to have security built-in, not bolted on to your infrastructure or applications. Their Carbon Black portfolio helps infosec teams harden, protect, detect and respond to threats on endpoints and workloads.  Workspace ONE helps desktop services teams govern devices and users connecting to business applications. VMware NSX Network Virtualization helps the network team compartmentalize data and identify malicious traffic. VMware Secure State helps organizations securely configure their public cloud assets.

VMware Workspace Security lays down the foundation of VMware’s Intrinsic Security vision at the endpoint by delivering a fully integrated platform that Canadian businesses can leverage on their journey towards achieving zero trust.

To learn more about VMware Workspace Security and how CDW’s Amplified Workspace Services can help your organization plan, deploy and operate secure digital workspaces for your business, please contact your CDW Canada representative.


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