How Smarter Technology Transforms Education


Smarter technology is rebuilding the systems that prepare us to engage with the world, revamping education to prepare everyone, throughout their lives, to participate in our digital economy. It is enabling learners of all ages, abilities and financial means to fulfill their potential, regardless of their starting point. 

Smarter technology levels hierarchies, empowering students to partner with educators and potential employers in creating pathways that will deliver them to the jobs we can’t yet imagine.  

One of CDW’s partners in education technology, Lenovo, is driving this revolution, transforming static educational systems into flexible, dynamic environments for lifelong learning. Powered by AI, VR, IoT, software-defined infrastructure and Big Data analytics platforms, Lenovo systems enable distance learning, immersive learning, personalized learning and scientific research, preparing students for 21st-century jobs with smarter technology.

Digital transformation can be daunting. But Lenovo’s end-to-end service solutions are as robust as their products. They can help schools plan, configure, deploy, protect and refresh their IT systems, augmenting in-house teams with Managed Services that increase efficiency while minimizing downtime.  

How Lenovo supports digital learning

In high schools as well as colleges, Lenovo equipment and know-how provide the seamless digital interactions that support 1:1 learning programs. 

Such interactions depend, in turn, on intelligent infrastructure: the servers, networks, platforms and cloud computing solutions that facilitate everything from accessing Wi-Fi to downloading course materials to analyzing vast datasets. High-density Lenovo systems are already delivering the memory and processing speeds that allow tens of thousands of students and staff to get their work done, with capacity to spare.  

Using Lenovo workstations, institutions across Canada are teaching technology by using the tools of the digital economy. These Lenovo supercomputers are empowering world-class research institutions to find solutions to society’s biggest challenges in medicine, energy, urban planning and climate prediction.  

Another area in which Lenovo is supporting and innovating digital learning is through smart infrastructure. Smart infrastructure equalizes access to education by untethering it from the constraints of time, space and place. 

Lenovo’s distance learning toolkit, coupled with virtualized desktop infrastructure, makes education a safe, secure and engaging experience for both students and teachers wherever they may be. 

How Lenovo levels the educational playing field 

LanSchool Air, a cloud-based classroom management tool for in-class as well as remote learning, not only keeps K-12 students on course but also fosters online communication, creative thinking and collaboration – skills that equip them to compete well beyond school. All over the world, Lenovo devices are levelling the educational playing field by annihilating the barriers that keep underserved kids out of the game.

Lenovo Virtual Reality Classroom solutions are transporting inner-city kids to the depths of the Pacific, the expanses of the Sahara and the furthest corners of the galaxy, widening their eyes to career possibilities in STEM through virtual reality.  

Esports arenas built on Lenovo infrastructure are providing at-risk teens a sense of belonging and the strategic thinking and teamwork experience prized by future employers. In markets with an acute shortage of teachers, Lenovo is building platforms that connect subject matter experts with students hungry to learn.  

By collapsing distance, overcoming differences and levelling hierarchies, technology is fulfilling education’s promise of transformation. And by preparing everyone for the challenges of tomorrow’s global job market, smarter education is creating a brighter future for all of humanity, today. 

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