How an ELD Prepares You for New Transportation Legislation


If you’re in the transportation industry, you’ve probably heard the news that as of June 12, 2021, the Canadian government will require the use of electronic logging devices (ELD) to record hours of service rather than traditional paper log books.

Hours of service govern the maximum driving times, and minimum off-duty times, of commercial vehicle drivers to ensure truck and bus companies operate safely and limit the number and severity of collisions. Records of daily driving and other work activities are required to be completed in a prescribed format, to be kept and made available to enforcement officials upon request.

An ELD automatically records hours of service, driving time and monitors information such as location, engine hours, vehicle movement and kilometres driven. The ELD collects these critical pieces of data by attaching to a commercial motor vehicle and synchronizing with its engine. These devices have been mandatory in the United States since 2017, but according to CDW partner Mobilizz, many of the 70,000 commercial vehicles operating strictly in Canada do not yet have these devices installed.

Why do I need an ELD?

Chances are, if you operate a fleet of vehicles that completes hours of service logs, you will need electronic logging devices for the vehicles in your fleet. The only exemptions to the legislation are for commercial motor vehicles manufactured before 2000, rentals of 30 days or less, or vehicles that operate under a statutory exemption or a permit issued by a director under the regulations.

One important piece of information to note is that any device running the ELD platform needs to be securely mounted and visible by the driver at all times; so while you can run an ELD platform on a smartphone, the driver can’t keep it in their pocket.

Speaking of which, Mobilizz’s ELD platform is a mobile application, which can be run on a smartphone or tablet. Drivers can use the app to enter their hours of service and Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIRs). The system even warns drivers when they’re getting close to their hours of service limit, so they’ll know to spend some time off the road.

What are the benefits of a cloud ELD solution?

Mobilizz offers a full ELD solution, with a telematics device and a T harness that connects to the engine via the ECM port. The platform runs via tablet or smartphone, mounted in the truck cab for the driver to use. In addition to our partnership with Mobilizz, CDW can supply both the mounts as well as the devices to help your drivers run this solution and meet the government mandate.

Here are some of the benefits of a cloud-based ELD solution:

  • Processing data in the cloud means no data loss
  • Accurate and stable data flow
  • Smartphone or tablet-based mobile experience
  • Easy to implement, easy to use – minimal training required

To learn more about Mobilizz solutions for commercial vehicles, please contact your CDW account team.