Check Out Lenovo’s Latest Devices for Virtual Patient Care


When the global pandemic of 2020 first took hold, widespread concerns about safety necessitated urgent changes in how and where clinicians delivered care. Familiar ways of working disappeared overnight, replaced by models that may have been tried but not proven, scaled or generally accepted. For many clinicians and their patients, it was virtual care — televisits, in particular — or no care at all.

Even now, months later, a lot of out-of-hospital, and some inpatient care remains virtual, driven by patients with ongoing safety concerns, growing acceptance by clinicians and relaxed rules by some of the provinces. Virtual patient care is here to stay — and Lenovo remains committed to building innovative devices and solutions that support and adapt to the changing healthcare landscape.

Lenovo ThinkSmart View – Virtual Rounding Made Easier

Care team rounds provide important connection points in the daily routine of in-facility patient stays. Through quick patient status checks, care teams have the opportunity to answer questions, provide updates and collaborate on care delivery.

But the logistics of visiting each patient can be costly, compounding the impact of staff shortages. And coupled with the need to use new personal protective equipment (PPE) for each visit, daily in-person rounds can drain limited resources.

Lenovo Virtual Rounding preserves valuable face-to-face time, making daily rounds more efficient, convenient and safe. With the Lenovo ThinkSmart View, a purpose-built, Microsoft Teams-certified videoconferencing solution, secure patient-to-provider sharing is now easier than ever.

Patient Care, Anywhere

Emergency department physicians and hospitalists are high-volume providers, especially within today’s current environment.  With the growing demands of patient care providers and healthcare professionals, it is essential that such workers are equipped with the right devices to meet their needs.

Equipped with power and performance-optimized for today’s and tomorrow’s healthcare environments, the Lenovo ThinkPad T14 Healthcare Edition is built to elevate the quality of patient care and enable virtual care.

Lenovo ThinkCentre Nano – The Small Machine with Big Performance for Healthcare

While virtual care can take place from anywhere, it is essential for hospitals and care centres to be equipped with the right devices. Most older hospitals were not designed to accommodate the computer technology that drives patient care today.

Even in newer hospitals, multiple technologies are competing for limited space — in patient rooms, on powered carts, in call centres and throughout the health system. Imagine replacing these with a full-sized desktop PC that’s the size of a small notebook that can provide greater performance, less power consumption and longer battery life — all helping you lower costs.

Meet Lenovo’s ThinkCentre® Nano. Measuring a scant .35L, Nano fits everywhere. Mount this ultrasmall PC behind monitors in exam rooms or hide it beneath desks to free up workspace in crowded coding rooms.


An 8th Generation Intel® Core™ processor powers through most healthcare workflows, backed by SSD storage and DDR4 memory.


Built with a laptop processor, Nano sips power, using 30% less than a comparable desktop PC. Nano has earned five green certifications, including ErP LOT 3 and ENERGY STAR® 7.1.


Nano’s “fit anywhere” design delivers maximum deployment flexibility. Nano slips into a variety of mounting options — including seamless compatibility with Lenovo’s ThinkCentre® Tiny ecosystem.

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