Value-Added Networks Come From Automation


It’s no secret that technology has evolved at an incredible rate. Our current, largely remote environment is made possible by remote networks and cloud capabilities that decades ago seemed too futuristic to ever be a reality. In our homes, most of us have multiple devices all connected to the internet that allow us to not only work from home but work from anywhere with stable connection.

However, when looking at the progress that has been made and the new technologies coming to market, it can be challenging to understand which tools should be a priority for your organization. When looking at the potential benefits, it’s important to assess how they will impact the day to day of your organization and employees, as they should be made to improve how your employees complete their daily tasks.

The evolution of today’s networks

The networks we operate on today have seen tremendous improvements from what we used even a decade ago. Whether it be campus, regional, datacentre or branch networks – they’ve all undergone a powerful change. Looking at the progress that’s been made, it’s imperative the appropriate capabilities are leveraged to improve and protect your organization.

With cybersecurity, cloud capabilities to enable remote access and IoT all being key considerations for organizations, enabling software-defined (SD) access can address these key organizational concerns. With SD access, organizations can enable a secure environment that delivers a consistent user experience on a single fabric. 

Within SD access, Cisco Digital Network Architecture (DNA) allows organizations to simplify and streamline their network, freeing up time to focus on other aspects of their business. It’s a type of intent-based network that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to gain insights that help continuously bridge the gap between your business and IT. Intent-based networking is beneficial for organizations as it determines the devices that match the business intention and automatically make the necessary changes. Essentially, intent-based networking is a continuous cycle that has the end goal of the network monitoring itself and adjusting as needed to support your organization. Cisco DNA automates your network, keeps your business secure, helps prevent downtime and helps keep your users’ devices connected securely. The software-delivered approach resolves issues faster thus increasing productivity and optimizing performance.

Improving your network’s capabilities with Cisco and CDW

At CDW, we offer the best-in-class services and solutions to help our customers achieve a network automation plan that suits their daily activities and needs. We recently achieved the Cisco Master Networking Specialization – a key differentiator in the Canadian market. This gives us the highest capabilities in Cisco networking technologies that support IBN, business processes and results. As a services provider with robust technology expertise and a deep understanding of the Canadian market, we’re able to provide tailored solutions to meet the various needs of your organization by designing innovative solutions from the ground up based on your specific business objectives.

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Author: Damian Alfonso-Robaina, Solutions Architect, CDW Canada