Secure, Reliable Power for Your Home Office with APC

woman working from home

One thing you might not have considered while working from home is maintaining a reliable source of power for your home office and other electronic devices. Especially in larger cities, increased power consumption in residential neighbourhoods can put added pressure on power grids, which might potentially lead to an outage. And with the changing of seasons, there’s also those April showers (which bring May flowers) that sometimes cause power interruptions, as well. Will you still have access to the tools and information you need if the power goes out?

APC by Schneider Electric offers many products to power and safeguard the critical electronics at home that keep you and your family connected. Their devices can help protect your high-speed internet connection to ensure 24/7 network access – especially during storms and extended power outages. This includes access to news and weather updates, important files stored in the cloud, streaming services and your email, providing valuable protection for your entire home.

Learn how you can provide battery backup and surge protection for your critical devices with APC Back-UPS Pro.

Power and protect your home office

The new APC Back-UPS Pro models are ideal for small or home office electronics, networking devices, gaming PCs and consoles. APC Back-UPS Pro provide sine wave output, USB charging ports for your mobile devices and increased runtime for your critical electronics. Here are a few key features:

2 USB charging ports (Type C+ A):Maximize charging speeds and simultaneously charge mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Active PFC compatibility for contemporary high end PCs and gaming users.

6 battery backup outlets: Keep more devices running when the power is outside of safe levels.

LCD display: Quick and easy to read, provides information about the utility and UPS conditions.

1 Gb network and coax protection: Safeguards your equipment and valuable files from “back door” surges traveling along data lines without sacrificing internet speed.

Powerchute personal edition: Easy-to-use auto-shutdown software with power and energy management features.

Quickly replace batteries: Batteries are replaceable by the end user, with replacement battery cartridges available from CDW.

To learn more about APC UPS solutions you can use to protect your home office, please visit this page.