Protect your Data Centre Beyond Warranty, for Less Money


At CDW, we know you want to keep things running smoothly in your data centre. You invested in your IT infrastructure and expect that hardware to take your business further. Did you know that when it comes to networking, server and storage equipment, extending the life of your hardware can be more cost-effective than continually upgrading your equipment?

That’s why we partner with companies that support your data centre. One of these companies is Axiom, The OEM Alternative®.  Axiom Maintenance Services (AMS) provides complete hardware and technical support for data centre environments while providing peace of mind through customized service levels and support.

Save money on maintenance contracts

Whether your IT hardware is at the beginning, middle or end of an OEM contract, Axiom offers full lifecycle support that fit your specific needs. With customized and flexible service level agreement (SLA) terms based on each client’s IT installation base and objectives, clients are no longer tied to bulky and ineffective annual contracts.

Manage all your maintenance contracts in the cloud

AMS provides customers with an exclusive cloud-based hybrid contract management tool for all of their AMS, OEM and third-party contracts and assets. Cover3IT™’s intuitive interface allows multiple users to seamlessly manage contracts and assets from their desktop, smartphone or tablet. With a click of a button, customers can view contract details, submit service tickets, set up email notifications for expiring contracts and so much more, all within the portal.

There is life after EOSL!

Not only do third-party maintenance providers, such as Axiom, support hardware outside of warranty, but they can also extend protection beyond the end-of-service-life (EOSL).

Axiom understands that EOSL makes businesses vulnerable to costly upgrades and fixes through the OEM. With competitive prices, flexible service level agreements and a large network of certified technicians and engineers, Axiom helps keep your data centre hardware running smoothly. Learn more about Axiom and CDW.

CDW has the people, the products and the plans to help you identify opportunities to extend the life of your data centre. For more information on data centre solutions, visit our Data Centre page.