CDW Canada and Lenovo have come together to help your business to Prepare for the Future. In order to take your business to the next level take a second to review a few things:

•         How in control of your data centre’s future do you feel—and where have you found challenges with your incumbent provider’s way of working?

•         How are you coping with the growing challenges of Internet of Things (IoT) data, high-performance computing and artificial intelligence? 

•         How prepared are you to hyperscale, seamlessly provisioning and adding resources from within your data centre?

•         How quickly can you integrate on-premises and cloud infrastructures; new applications; and compute, storage and network resources?

•         How much time might your administrators save with an end-to-end software-defined infrastructure?


Depending on what you discovered above, these benefits of a far-thinking innovation system may just be what you need to prepare your business for the future which includes: 

•Enterprise simplicity

Simplified, unified management—via modernized infrastructure and automated control—delivers extreme performance and reliability, while reducing the burden on administrators.

•Software-defined agility

Using the most effective mix of on-premises and cloud infrastructures, applications and resources are distributed across the data centre environment (compute, storage and network resources) on demand and with new efficiency.

•High-performance computing

Purpose-built, ultra-dense data centre technologies provide the performance required for the intensive demands of high-performance computing and artificial intelligence.

•Hyperscale growth

You can achieve maximum scalability with fully customized data centre capabilities designed to your exact specifications, which is enabled by a broad portfolio, a world-class supply chain and comprehensive services. 


With the solutions and expertise of CDW Canada and the backing of Lenovo systems – we can end the experimentation of deciding the right software and hardware combination. Lenovo and CDW engineered solutions, and the portfolio of cloud, big data, analytics, database and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), bring an ecosystem of industry-leading partners to the creation of simplified, comprehensive application and infrastructure offerings. Exhaustively pretested and easy to deploy, integrate and manage, engineered solutions improve reliability and lower operating costs.

The advantages:

•         Includes a unique IP designed by Lenovo

•         Is integrated and optimized for lower TCO and faster ROI

•         Includes best practices documentation

•         Reduces risk and complexity


Contact your CDW account manager today to start Preparing for the Future!





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