Meet Digital Transformation Challenges with Dell EMC PowerEdge Servers


Our more connected, data-driven world has created uncharted digital territory. Yesterday’s infrastructure can’t keep pace with today’s rapidly evolving demands, especially when they can change overnight. In this environment, digital transformation is crucial. The future requires an adaptable, scalable and secure IT foundation that’s ready for anything.

Dell EMC’s PowerEdge server portfolio is built to meet the challenges of digital transformation with a secure infrastructure that supports a full range of modern workloads and objectives. Paired with Dell EMC OpenManage and systems management solutions, PowerEdge servers deliver the productivity and performance you need to power your innovation. Here are some of the key features found across the line of PowerEdge servers:

3 key features of PowerEdge servers

1. Adaptive compute: Address evolving compute demands with a platform engineered to optimize the latest technology advancements for predictable, profitable outcomes while easily scaling to address your data at the point of need, from edge to hybrid cloud.

2. Autonomous compute infrastructure: Respond rapidly to business opportunities with intelligent systems that work both together and independently, enabling rapid digital transformation and productivity to deliver outcomes aligned with business priorities. These systems help you adapt to a changing environment, enable rapid digital transformation and position you to grow, scale and evolve.

3. Proactive resilience: Embed trust into your digital transformation with infrastructure and IT environment designed for secure interactions and the capability to anticipate potential threats. This security starts at design and continues through the supply chain and lifecycle to decommissioning.

Dell PowerEdge Servers for a variety of workloads

Dell’s lineup of PowerEdge servers can be broken down into four different categories – Essential, Scalable, Mainstream and Specialized.

Essential servers are entry-level technology with essential features, limited scalability and enterprise-class management. They provide enterprise-class capabilities for small to medium business and remote office / branch office (ROBO) deployments. This category includes the PowerEdge R450 and R550 servers.

Scalable servers offer performance technology that balances capability and capacity with enterprise features and contains right-sized compute for enterprise workloads. These servers, such as the R750xs, R650xs, R7515 and R6515, can be deployed for virtual desktop infrastructure, cloud applications and software-defined storage.

Mainstream servers are designed for high performance for everything-as-a-service (XaaS) providers and enterprise data centre workloads, such as virtualization and Big Data analytics. These include the R7525, R6525 and MX750c servers.

Specialized servers are focused on specialized compute needs with extreme performance and density for emerging workloads and usage models such as artificial intelligence and machine learning. These servers include the XE8545, XR11 and XR12 models.

Sustainability in Dell EMC PowerEdge

Dell’s power, thermal and cooling innovations, asset resale and recycling services help reduce their carbon footprint.

Power efficiency

Since 2013, engineering advancements have helped reduce PowerEdge energy intensity (EI) by 83 percent. OME Power Manager also makes it easier for you to manage your power budgets with data-driven insights.

Thermal design and cooling

Improving the energy and cooling needs of data centres is one of the biggest challenges in IT today. Dell addresses it with PowerEdge multivector cooling, liquid cooling and thermal design.

Sustainable materials

Dell EMCPowerEdge products contain up to 35% recycled plastic.

Data sanitization with asset resale and recycle

Assets are removed from the business’ environment, sanitized at a secure location and evaluated for resale/reuse.

3 benefits of Dell EMC PowerEdge servers

Dell EMC PowerEdge servers deliver technologies and solutions to help you innovate, adapt and grow. Here are three key reasons to consider PowerEdge servers in your data centre:

Take full advantage of a portfolio optimized for the latest applications and purpose-built for AI.

Dell Technologies delivers a portfolio of servers to meet organizations’ changing compute demands with a variety of servers across Essential, Scalable, Mainstream and Specialized categories.

Reduce the burden on IT by making strides towards full infrastructure automation.

Get your system up and running with automated server and OS deployment, scale without disruption and maintain the infrastructure with a comprehensive view of the system data and analytics.

Achieve confidence with servers designed with a security-first approach to mitigate threats.

As a leader in server security, Dell Technologies builds on a heritage of a strong silicon-based root of trust. Their Secure Development Lifecycle begins with cyber resilience from design through delivery and support and extends through the supply chain with physical, personnel and cybersecurity controls.

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