Investing in IT Now Can Bring Long-Term Benefits

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IT projects are rarely small undertakings. Whether it’s procuring new hardware for the data centre or vetting new software tools, these projects require extensive planning, consultation and testing before they are ready for implementation. Yet these are often worthy endeavours as investing in certain technologies today and futureproofing IT infrastructure can account for growth, keep businesses competitive, protect against obsolescence and provide immediate productivity benefits.

It’s crucial to remember, however, that businesses tend to be highly dependant on their IT systems and any downtime can potentially lead to sharp decreases in productivity and lost income. As such, it’s important to craft a strategic plan to minimize disruptions. CDW Canada’s experts can evaluate an organization’s existing IT infrastructure and create a strategic investment plan to address key technology needs, such as the following:

Scale on demand
It’s difficult to predict the future growth of a business or department. However using specific technologies such as a combination of virtualization and software-as-a-service (SaaS) business productivity offerings, can make on-demand growth easy. These solutions let IT quickly add and remove users to the tools and services they need to be productive and keep IT resources optimized to account for growth. Often, getting a new user set up is as easy as adding another licence. Systems such as these allow businesses to expand for busy times and contract when they need to, without the time and costs associated with procuring new hardware.

Competitive advantage
Disruptive and innovative technologies can quickly change an industry’s landscape, catching the unprepared by surprise. Organizations that regularly invest in IT are often ready to meet the challenge of disruptive technologies, either by adopting and adapting technologies or by recognizing in which trends to invest. Not only does this help ensure employees are productive — it often gives the business a competitive advantage.

Protect against obsolescence
Futureproofing IT infrastructure by investing in IT also protects critical tools against obsolescence. Supporting aging and legacy infrastructure or software can put unnecessary stress on IT teams as they must work harder to secure and integrate the tools in modern IT environments.

The pace of change can be overwhelming, but providers such as CDW Canada can help create a strategy to optimize your organization’s technology, accounting for current trends and upcoming shifts, ensuring you’re prepared for whatever comes next.

Adding predictable costs
Being caught off guard by new technology trends or having to invest quickly to scale IT infrastructure can lead to unexpected costs, pushing budgets up. A strategic IT investment can help deliver predictable op-ex costs to IT without the need for large capital expenditures. Using these models, budgets are more predictable.

Create a productivity boost
Depending on the age of the systems being used, adding new technology on the hardware or software side can provide an immediate boost to productivity. For example, investing in a combination of modern mobility and security solutions can allow users to be more productive and secure working remotely. Improving wireless networking or investing in faster storage can also help users get the information they need more efficiently.

CDW Canada’s experienced solution architects and engineers help you get the most out of your investments by providing full lifecycle support and services. They work with customers to address each businesses’ unique IT needs and help predict how those needs will evolve.


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