With organizations collecting and storing more data, whether it’s from IoT sensors, machine learning or social media, IT managers are counting on reliable data backup and recovery. This means high-growth businesses need a complete data protection solution that is reliable, flexible and easy to use. To meet this challenge, Lenovo and Veeam have joined forces to offer high-performance storage with reliable data protection that is designed for virtualized environments.

The trouble with traditional backup

When you virtualize your environment, you increase data availability, but meeting aggressive recovery point objectives (RPOs) and recovery time objectives (RTOs) can become more difficult. Traditional backup tools were not created for virtualized environments, causing many potential issues:

• Unreliable backups

• Lengthy recovery times

• High costs for managing backup data and secondary storage

• Potential lack of compliance because of unreliable backups

• Lost productivity due to management complexity

• Lack of scalability

If you are running into any of the above concerns, now’s the time to modernize your data protection strategy. Lenovo and Veeam offer a solution that can manage exploding data volumes and handle the increasing performance and availability demands of a 21st-century infrastructure.

The storage to power your backup solution

A Lenovo DE Series system provides simple and reliable SAN storage that integrates seamlessly with most application environments. Its modular design helps decrease operating expenses while offering many options for connectivity, capacity and performance that easily scale to meet the demands of a growing backup environment.

Veeam Backup & Replication unifies backup and replication in a single solution, reinventing data protection for virtual environments. This solution offers the flexibility to choose what data to back up, where and when to back up and recover your data – whether it’s on premises, on tape, or in the cloud.

How can I use Lenovo with Veeam for backup and recovery?

Lenovo DE Series can be used as a Veeam backup repository. This scalable, modular storage solution delivers excellent performance to fulfill aggressive RTO and RPO requirements. DE Series can also be used as a Veeam cloud repository, offering service providers high-density and high-capacity storage at a low price point.

3 benefits of combining Veeam and Lenovo in your data centre:

  1. Increase performance and flexibility with a modular, flexible design.
  2. Reduce operating expenses and the cost of downtime and deployment.
  3. Improve backup reliability with granular, self-service virtual machine (VM) and file recovery.

To learn more about the Veeam Backup & Replication solution for the Lenovo DE Series, contact your CDW Account Manager or visit CDW.ca/Lenovo


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