Due to recent events, many companies are looking to ensure business continuity with a large portion of their workforce working remotely. Aruba’s Remote Access Solution, with cloud or on-premises management platforms, helps IT departments address the daunting task of supporting a workforce that’s highly mobile and requires access to the same resources as corporate users.

By providing a versatile remote networking solution, IT can securely extend the corporate enterprise network at lower cost and massive scale for wide-scale business continuity applications. Aruba’s proven Remote Access Solutions deliver a seamless user experience, robust and secure connectivity and comprehensive IT management platforms to quickly respond and recover when a major disruption to business occurs.

Here are some of Aruba’s key remote access features that can help you provide business continuity:

Seamless application access

Aruba’s remote access points (RAP) extend the workplace desk experience to anywhere that has an internet or cellular connection. Laptops and VoIP phones can work just like they do in the office – even dialing four-digit corporate extensions.

Resilient WAN connectivity

Should a wired WAN link fail, a select range of RAP and Aruba Mobility Controller models can automatically switch to a modern cellular modem for backup. The cellular modem plugs into a USB on the RAP or Mobility Controller, allowing for a wide range of modems and service providers.

Inter- and intra-data centre redundancy

Aruba’s RAP does not need to be programmed individually with route information – it’s capable of discovering alternative paths automatically. In the data centre, local VRRP-based high availability provides fast failover between devices. Should the data centre connection become unavailable, RAPs and Mobility Controllers can fail over to a redundant controller in another data centre, providing a second line of defence.

Wired and wireless security

RAPs and Mobility Controllers feature secure wired and wireless connections that include encryption and user authentication to protect the remote network. In addition, the Aruba Wireless Intrusion Prevention (WIP) module provides advanced security, and the Policy Enforcement Firewall-V module extends application and user awareness to the remote site.

Highly scalable solution

The Aruba Remote Access solution is massively scalable, from a single-person office, to thousands of satellite locations. Mobility Controllers act as VPN concentrators and scale to support over 2,000 RAPs per controller.

Regulatory compliance

SOX, HIPAA, PCI, GLBA and other regulations mandate how data are handled, including the separation of data and reporting. Aruba’s Policy Enforcement Firewall and AirWave can help enforce administrative policies and assist with compliance reporting.

Centralized management

Management and reporting can be performed by either AirWave or the Aruba controller. AirWave provides visibility into the LAN side of the branch office, and includes information on both individual users and devices. It also links into other existing IT management software, provides extensive reporting capabilities and has specialized views for Help Desk, Security/Audit groups and executive management.

To learn more about Aruba’s Remote Access Solutions for business continuity, speak with your CDW Account Manager.


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