Deliver Storage Performance for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure


In the current working environment, businesses are increasingly turning to virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) as they re-evaluate how to manage endpoint devices, secure data and enable workplace mobility. However, it’s not always easy to deliver the storage performance expected by end users. Sizing and maintaining a VDI environment can be challenging, inconsistent performance disappoints users and costs often escalate as VDI deployments grow.

CDW offers solutions that can help, such as HPE Nimble Storage, which enables businesses to deploy a single platform including both all-flash arrays and adaptive flash arrays. This HPE solution helps deliver storage performance, scale without disruption and simplified operations to your VDI environment.

Deliver VDI performance with either flash or disk

VDI requires the storage to handle bursty IOPS (from boot storms, patching and antivirus scans), read IOPS and write IOPS very well. In steady state, the majority of IOPS are usually write IOPS. HPE NimbleOS delivers on both write and read VDI performance with either flash or disk.

In an all-flash array, HPE NimbleOS delivers fast read and write performance from flash. In an adaptive flash array, HPE NimbleOS delivers fast read performance from flash and is unconstrained by disk writes because all data is written to disk in large sequential stripes. You can even move VDI desktops between all flash and adaptive flash to meet changing performance needs.

Increase VDI capacity and maintain business continuity

Your initial VDI deployment for hundreds of users could grow to thousands of users as offices temporarily shutter and more employees start working from home. HPE Nimble Storage arrays let you scale capacity and performance non-disruptively within an array, or scale out with up to four arrays managed as one.

HPE Nimble Storage arrays can also help you leverage VDI for business continuity. By replicating to an adaptive flash array at a disaster recovery sight, you can cost-effectively maintain a business continuity solution for your workforce.

Manage VDI performance with predictive analytics

HPE InfoSight predictive analytics can help you monitor your entire VDI environment at a click of a button from any web browser. Whether you need performance or capacity, this helps ensure you’re adding exactly what you need without wasting resources.

VMVision, a part of HPE InfoSight, provides a granular view of the resources used by every virtual machine (VM) that is connected to an HPE Nimble Storage array. This helps you determine VM latency factors, whether from the storage, the host or the network. It also helps you take corrective action on noisy neighbor VMs and reclaim space from underused VMs.

No additional host-side agents, tools or licences are needed for this feature to work.

Looking for a storage platform for your VDI deployment?

HPE delivers flash performance that scales seamlessly, data analytics with alerting through HPE InfoSight and simplified management of your entire storage infrastructure through HPE Nimble Storage Multicloud Flash Fabric. To learn more about HPE and Nimble Storage, please visit this page.