Cohesity DataPlatform: Scale-out Target Storage for Backups


Digital transformation combined with evolving regulatory and compliance means that organizations are backing up and storing more data than ever. Unfortunately, scale-up target storage architectures for legacy backups require costly forklift upgrades and disruptive operations to keep up with growing business requirements. Organizations are left with no option but to continue to create data silos that result in mass data fragmentation.

Cohesity DataPlatform is a software-defined scale-out data platform that can serve as target storage for legacy backup software. As it is specifically architected with NFS/SMB interfaces, it can be used without disruption in your current environment. And because it is inspired by web-scale principles, Cohesity DataPlatform is built for resiliency and scales in an unlimited way to keep up with the demands of growing data. The solution helps achieve superior space efficiency with variable-length sliding window deduplication and compression.

Cohesity DataPlatform uniquely provides freedom of choice, broad compatibility, stress-free management, integrated security, the ability to search an entire geographic enterprise and optimized TCO.

Non-Disruptive Upgrades

Software-defined scale-out architecture means the freedom to start at the capacity that best meets business requirements on the choice of qualified hardware that can be easily expanded as business requirements evolve. Cohesity DataPlatform protects your investment by eliminating any future forklift disruptive upgrades and easily integrates with your current environment.

Higher Resilience

Built with web-scale principles, Cohesity DataPlatform is powered by Cohesity’s SpanFS, a distributed file system that has no single point of failure. It offers additional resilience with fault tolerance to withstand two node, three disk, chassis or an entire rack failure.

Superior Space Efficiency

Global variable-length sliding window deduplication within a single dedupe domain and compression offers much higher data reduction. Cohesity DataPlatform significantly reduces your data footprint, operational costs and reduces the attack surface for potential cyberattacks.

Simplified Data Mobility

A cloud-native solution that dramatically simplifies how data is migrated to the public cloud, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud for replication, long-term archival and tiering.

Reduce TCO

Eliminate data silos with a single software-defined scale-out storage with high dedupe and compression helps to reduce CAPEX. Simplified management and non-disruptive upgrades further help to reduce OPEX.

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