Reach Your Goals with Lenovo TruScale Infrastructure Services


Keeping your data centre up to date with the latest hardware can help your organization stay ahead of the competition and adapt to changing market demands. But budget concerns and ongoing projects can often lead IT staff to delay necessary upgrades. However, Lenovo is here to help.

Lenovo TruScale Infrastructure Services gives you the freedom to control your budget and business priorities, combined with the peace of mind from knowing you’re getting the latest and most efficient hardware tailored to your specific business needs. This adaptable, affordable IT solution allows you to build a custom solution from Lenovo’s complete product portfolio and pay a monthly fee based on what you’re using, not what you own.

Here are five ways Lenovo TruScale can help you manage expenses and reach your business goals:

  1. Minimize upfront costs. Lenovo TruScale’s monthly expense structure reduces budget worries, offers tax benefits and lets you allocate capital to bigger and better business priorities.
  2. Respond to your unique needs. TruScale makes it easy to add incremental capacity based on the changing market and your evolving needs. You can always upgrade hardware during your contract term to meet changing business goals, too.
  3. Reduce risk. Lenovo owns the deployment and installation of your assets, speeding time to value and freeing up internal IT resources for higher-priority projects. You get the ability to make your own decisions about balancing cost and flexibility.
  4. On-premises security and control. Lenovo TruScale offers the continued benefit of physical on-premises security and control of your capacity and company data. You own the security policy at the application layer and above, ensuring consistent and ultimate control of your environment.
  5. Maintenance, support and management included. A convenient and simple subscription means hassle-free hardware. Lenovo Professional Services experts proactively monitor your system to ensure maximum uptime, allowing you to focus on your business strengths instead of worrying about hardware monitoring requirements.

Lenovo has the expertise, the equipment and the proven business strategies to help you take advantage of this exciting new option. For more information on Lenovo TruScale Infrastructure Services, speak with your account manager or visit