Work Redefined: How CDW and Dell Help Transform Your Business


For many Canadians, it’s now been over a year since the pandemic made drastic changes to the way they work. Working from home has become the new reality, but the return to some form of in-office, or hybrid work, might soon be on the horizon – perhaps later this year.

Whether your employees are already back in the office or still working remotely, the right technology can help them communicate and collaborate with coworkers. CDW and our partners at Dell Technologies provide a full ecosystem of monitors, devices and peripherals with collaboration features that will help you transform work experiences for all employees, whereever they might be located.

Transform your meeting space for smarter, faster collaboration

Dell Meeting Space Solutions offer full conference room ecosystems that bring enhanced collaboration to your meetings. Empower onsite employees with a large, multitouch monitor, a Dell OptiPlex compute module, camera and control system, while enabling collaboration with remote workers or external vendors through Microsoft Teams Rooms.

Videoconferencing monitors certified for Microsoft Teams

Dell Videoconferencing Monitors bring a new layer of connectivity to remote employees, allowing them to interact as if they were in the same room. Everything from scheduled meetings to water-cooler chats can happen through Microsoft Teams while using these screens.

Collaboration made easy for remote employees

Dell Technologies has devices that can enable intelligent conversations and simplify virtual meetings for remote workers. For instance, you can pair the Dell 34” Curved Videoconferencing Monitor, which is certified for Microsoft Teams, with Dell Latitude 5520 and peripherals, like a headset or webcam, for a smarter, faster way to connect and collaborate.

3 workers who can benefit from Dell’s collaboration solutions

With the right technology from CDW and Dell, you can enable collaboration for a variety of roles across your business. Here’s a look at three different types of workers who could benefit from solutions by Dell Technologies.

1. Executive Knowledge Workers

These roles include the likes of consultants, accountants, outside sales reps and other executives who are used to working not just from home, but from anywhere. As businesses start to reopen, and business travel begins to resume, they will require constant connectivity from devices that are mobile and adaptable to meet their needs on the go.

The Dell Latitude 9510 is perfect for an executive who always needs to stay productive. They can charge devices faster, connect to external displays and peripherals with just one cable, thanks to the Dell Thunderbolt Dock WD19B, while their Dell Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard and Mouse work seamlessly across three devices. Plus, Dell’s Premium Active Pen allows them to take notes while maintaining eye contact during meetings.

Collaboration tools, such as Microsoft Teams, make it easier to communicate virtually, while VDI Quickstart Bundles from VMware Horizon can help set up a virtual desktop to access files and applications from anywhere.

2. Single-Location Workers

These employees generally tend to work out of one location – and lately, it’s often been from home. We’re talking about lawyers, doctors, nurses, administrators and government workers, to name a few.

Dell’s OptiPlex 7470 All-In-One desktop is well-suited for this type of work. Featuring a smart design, edge-to-edge Full HD IPS display technology and multiple port options, you can easily collaborate with peers and managers while using apps and creating content.

3. Phone-Based Workers

Customer service, inside sales and support roles no longer require all employees to work from inside of a call centre. However, while working from home, these phone-based workers need secure access to customer data, an ergonomic setup, multilevel collaboration and the ability to view multiple apps and the internet simultaneously.

Dell’s compact OptiPlex 3070 Micro provides full-power features in a space-saving design, featuring exclusive custom mounting options in the OptiPlex Micro All-in-One Stand. The clutter-free Dell 24” P2419H Monitor is easy on the eyes with flicker-free Comfortview and adjustable height for all-day comfort. And, the Dell Pro Stereo Headset UC350 provides great audio clarity, critical for important calls.

Empower your employees to work from home

A remote workforce is essential to maintain business continuity. With over half of their global team working remotely, Dell Technologies can offer the products and solutions to help you implement your own flexible, digital workplace. For more Dell workforce solutions, please visit