If you want to enhance workforce productivity and employee experience, technology is critical. Architects, product and software designers, financial traders, medical professionals and engineers all need high-performing, easy-to-use, dependable power to get the job done and do as much as possible in a given workday. 

Lenovo workstations are designed from the ground up with customer-driven innovation, delivering high levels of performance, ease of use and reliability. By combining high-end components with groundbreaking designs, Lenovo is able to push their systems harder and handle employees’ most demanding workloads.

Why Lenovo?

Absolutely key for a top performing workstation is the ability to keep its components cool. This is where Lenovo’s patented Tri-Channel cooling in its towers and FLEX Performance cooling in its notebooks comes to fruition. These revolutionary designs allow CPUs and GPUs to run at peak performance until the job is done while simultaneously keeping the components cool, which makes for a long-lasting and reliable machine.

Combined with the latest Intel® Core™ and Xeon® CPUs and NVIDIA® Quadro® GPUs, Lenovo workstations deliver outstanding user experience and reliability to turn ideas into reality.

Mobile workstations: the power you need, the mobility you want

Is it better to be powerful or mobile? Lenovo asked this question, and with its commanding line of mobile workstations, the answer can be both. With the perfect balance of workstation know-how, premium Intel processors, NVIDIA graphics and premium designs, Lenovo mobile workstations enable maximum productivity to help you get more out of your day.

When it comes to using professional mobile machines to meet advanced workloads such as data analysis, graphics and 3D rendering, the ThinkPad P53 is an ideal device. Configurable with up to 8-core processors, NVIDIA Quadro RTX5000, combined with true-to-life Dolby Atmos audio & visuals, this workstation powers limitless possibilities. On the other hand, for users looking for ultrastylish notebooks, with the power of a premium workstation, the ThinkPad P1 delivers on both of these fronts, and then some. Built with the latest 10th Gen Intel Xeon and Core processors and NVIDIA Quadro graphics, the P1 allows you to do more while looking good doing it.

Desktop workstations: groundbreaking performance

Mission-critical tasks require superior reliability and powerful performance. No matter which industry you may be in, high levels of performance, advanced cooling and reliability are essential. With Lenovo Thinkstation workstations, you and your workforce can handle the most demanding workloads with peace of mind.

With the power and dependability of a workstation, but at the price of a desktop, the ThinkStation P330 & ThinkStation P520c provide exceptional all-around value. With the latest Intel Core I and Xeon processors, NVIDIA Quadro graphics and VR-ready capabilities, these workstations are powerful enough for any job and reliable enough for mission-critical environments. From handling large workloads to multitasking with ease, the P330 and P520c take everything in their stride.

There are many ways to unleash the full potential of your workforce and take back time with Lenovo workstations. To learn more, visit CDW.ca/Lenovo


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