Need a Home Office Monitor? Here’s How LG Delivers


The home office monitor has to offer a lot of key features: optimal ergonomics for the body and eyes, high image quality, low power consumption, simple operation and all that with absolute reliability – everything that matters when working from home.

The LG 24BK750 business monitor features a new cinema design with an ultraslim frame, creating more space on your desk. It shines with a large variety of connections, low energy consumption and ergonomics for the eyes and spine.

7 key LG home office monitor features

Full HD IPS Display

Provides clear and accurate colours from virtually any angle, allowing users to sit at different angles around their display and invite others to collaborate in their workspace.

Virtually Borderless Design

The three-sided, almost borderless screen minimizes the bezel so the display blends seamlessly into any workspace and adds aesthetic appeal.

Adjustable Screen

The monitor provides customizable viewing positions with versatile screen tilt/height/pivot/swivel adjustments. You can adjust the display for a personal, comfortable home office workstation.

Easy Assembly and Wall Mounting Capability

It can be assembled quickly and easily, without the need for any tools. Also, the wall mounting design gives you the freedom to take it off the desk and hang it on a wall.

Duplicate and Extend Screens with Daisy Chain

Daisy chain functionality lets you connect up to four monitors with duplication and extension functions. This setup creates the ability to extend the amount of on-screen space to work on programs simultaneously or mirror content across up to 4 screens.

USB 3.0 Quick Charge

Compatible devices are charged much faster than with typical USB 2.0 cables, meaning that USB 3.0 can transfer data faster. This rapid transfer speed minimizes any disruptions to business.

Built-in Power Module

The power module is attached to the monitor from behind for built-in power, helping reduce the amount of desktop clutter.

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